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    Saturday 23rd October 201012 noon - 6pm

    Saturday 23rd October 201012 noon - 6pm

    Johnston Court

    Art workshopsJoin us for any of these wonderful free drop-in art workshops where you can make aunique piece of art/craft and bring it home asa souvenir of a great day out.

    Printmaking & Bookmaking withKaren WebsterQuayside Shopping Centre 12noon to 3.00pmLearn how to make your own stamp forprintmaking which you can take home anduse over and over again. If you have a bitmore time you could even make your ownmini art book

    Badgemaking with Pia LckCaf Souperb in Johnston Court Shoppingcentre 12noon to 3.00pmCreate a design and make your own uniquefestival badge to take home with you.

    Make a recycled instrument withJulianne FriedrichQuayside Shopping centre 1.00pm to 4.00pmMake an environmentally friendly racket!Learn how to make a musical instrumentusing recycled materials only.

    Felt hat making with Heidi WickhamCaf Souperb in Johnston Court ShoppingCentre 1.00pm to 4.00pmYour very own Sligo Live Sessions Sessionsfashion statement. Come along and makeyour very own designer felt hat. All materialsprovided but feel free to bring along items toadorn the hat.

    Clay making with Rachel QuinnQuayside Shopping centre, 1.00pm to 4.00pmMake unique figures from the animal or plantworld or straight from your own imagination.Take your creations home with you and paintthem at a later stage.

  • Fun for all the family at Sligo Live Sessions

    Lords of StrutQuayside 2.00pm / Caf

    Souperb 4.00pm

    A hilarious parody ofcelebrity culture, The

    Lords of

    Strut bring you on a journey inside their crazy

    world of

    pop entertainment.

    This is a high energy45 minute comedy cir

    cus show

    suitable for all ages, with dazzling acrobatics

    , break

    dancing, contortion,comedy, acrobalance


    unicycling. _In a farceof modern pop and c


    culture two wanna be celebs, Famous Sea

    mus and

    Seantastic, will do anything to try and be famou

    s. Award

    winning circus troupe,The Lords of Strut br

    ing you

    street entertainment like youve never seen it b


    Tell a Tale Childens Theatre

    Company presents

    The Gruffalo StoryA Puppet show for 2 - 5

    year olds

    Johnston Court 12noon+ 12.30pm

    Quayside 3.00pm + 3.30pm

    Most children are familiar

    with the famus gruffalo

    tale by Julia Donaldson

    where the little mouse

    meets the monster. Now

    they have the chanceto

    see this enchanting tale

    acted out for them.

    Brainy the interactiveMC puppet makes an

    appearance before andafter the show to talk

    about monsters, brains, mice and other

    important matters. The show is approx 15

    minutes in length withmusic.

    Hansel & GretelPuppet Show for 5 - 10 year oldsFollowed by puppet making workshopJohnston Court 2.30pmQuayside 4.30pm

    Modern version of the classic tale (25 minutes)Hansel and Gretel are sent out to work by theirmean stepmother who thinks its time they earnedtheir own money. The children decide to go to thebig city instead and become pop stars. Working ina pizza palace they meet avery charming womanwho promises to helpthem but they soondiscover she hasvery differentplans indeed!Stay after the showand make your veryown puppet!

    Get ready for an amazing and magical, fun-filled family day featuring aplayground of clowns, hilarious comedy, death defying acrobatics, musicand dance, stilt walking, face painting, enchanting puppet shows, specialinter-active theatre performance and a host of really cool workshops. Join in the fun between midday and 6.00pm at Quayside or Johnston Courtshopping centres where you will be spoiled for choice by an amazingselection of things to do. And guess what YOU CAN DO IT ALL FOR FREE.

    So come along and have a blast at Sligo Live Sessions family frolics

    Monkeyshine Theatre


    Sligo LiveSessions SpiesJohnston Court 12noon

    to 2.00pm Quayside

    3.00pm to 5.00pmLook out for three

    mysterious figures

    skulking around

    Johnstons Court

    and The Quay Side

    Shopping Centre over

    the Sligo Live Sessions

    weekend. The S.L.S

    have had some top

    secret intelligence that

    there will be something

    exciting going on in

    Sligo and their

    mission is to cause

    some serious fun.

    World Air Fiddle Championships 2010Quayside Shopping Centre 5.00pmWelcome back to the highlight of our days activities thefourth annual world fiddle championships extravaganza. Thechampionships have proven to be hilarous in previous years wherewould-be fiddle players can release their inner Martin Hayes,Tommy Peoples or Liz Carroll in the most unique of ways. Laughuntil you drop while you watch the madcap antics of our air fiddlistsor better still - allow your own inner fiddle diva to break out and makea stab at becoming World Air Fiddle Champion 2010. Join us to seeif you can possibly beat reigning champions Helga andHolger from Scandinaviland (see inset) or just for thesheer fun of watching others try. The championshipsare judged by the clapometre never lies barometre.

    Music, Dance and moreThere will be a host of other performances by community based organisations includingthe wonderful Sligo Academy of Music's Youth Orchestra and Cranmore Hip Hop Dancersas well as lots of free colourful face painting (no more queues!), dress up parties, clowning,animation and more.All you need to do is bring yourselves and plenty of energy! We look forward to seeing you there!

    Co. Sligo Youth Theatre presentLeggitJohnston Court 2.00pmQuayside Shopping Centre 4.00pmCo. Sligo Youth Theatre have devised a playful andinteractive performance specially for the Sligo LiveSessions weekend. Leggit features a host of weird andwonderful characters who can be found in the mostunusual places. Be careful not to draw attention toyourself

    Mrs. Nellie MurphyJohnston Court 3.30pmQuayside Shopping Centre4.30pmMrs. Nellie Murphy is equal parts

    comedy, pathos, joy, naughtiness

    and train wreck!Join Nellie during Sligo Live

    Sessions to hear her observations on life

    and love. Straight from the heart, while seen

    through the lens of a strange gin filled rose

    glass vase, that one might find on a prop list

    from The Antiques Roadshow. Nellie is loved by

    the under 10s and over 60s for her storytelling

    abilities, with those in between admirably catered for too.

    Mrs Nellie Murphy is realedgy with heart. Less malice,

    more malaprop. Genius in Pink Seattle Review