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<ol><li> 1. Four Effective Article Marketing Strategies That Work Problem is most internet marketers join every opportunity that comes their way, and then never actually make anything much in any of them. The reason is that they don't treat one opportunity like a business and work on that particular opportunity until they are actually in profit. Instead they try for a little while with one and then join up with the next best thing that comes around. =&gt; You also build positive momentum. Procrastination is rather like emotional quicksand--you're stuck and you can't move forward. When you tackle writing articles head on, you're moving in a positive direction. You know that it's crucial to your business' health that you market your business, and by submitting articles you are putting the wheels of your business in motion. Taking care of one aspect of your business also means it's more likely that you'll move forward in other areas of your business. So what are some great tips for article marketing and website promotion that most people miss out on? Below are a few highly practical and highly effective article marketing and web promotion tips to create tons more traffic, sales and conversions. What exactly can be found on the Simple Cash Blog? Several step-by-step paths to a working, money- generating online business. Ways to bring in traffic that doesn't require big up-front investments. Ways to set up websites that work without the services of a fancy web designer. Ways to set up membership programs without fancy programming. And ways to put article marketing on steroids. What I'm getting at is this: internet marketing has a bit of an image problem. In my estimation ninety plus percent of those marketing online are honest and trying their best to responsibly grow their online business while still providing value to the reader. However, there is a stubborn ten percent out there that insists on not practicing mindful internet marketing. This ten percent gives all a black eye. They tend to paint the internet as haven for get rich, by any means available, schemes. Help your readers. How can you help your readers through huumorisivut your articles? The answer to this is very simple; offer them with information that they can use in improving the quality of their lives. You can answer their burning questions, provide solution to their pressing issues, empower them to do things on their own, or teach them new skill by sharing a slice of your expertise. Before you get started on the bio box, make sure your article is interesting! A stellar bio box with a shoddy article won't get you any clicks because nobody will stick around long enough to get to your bio box. great article, free traffic </li></ol>