follow-up projects 2nd project meeting thessaloniki - september 23-24 2005

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  • Follow-up projects

    2nd project meetingThessaloniki - September 23-24 2005

  • IONAS Objective 3

    Joint cooperation between ports and cities

    Networking ports and citiens on the Adriaric-Ionian area to focalise common interests in urban planning and economic development better dialogueknow-how to resolve similar problemsexperiences exchange

    Toward an economical, social and environmental sustainable development

  • Renewed Lisbon agenda



    ConvergenceRegional competitivenessTerritorial cooperationEuropean Structural Funds 2007 2013ERDF-ESF

  • IONAS main targets

    Transports & logisticEnvironmentResults dissemination

    Technicals operationalsEducation - trainingCooperation - extension

  • Technical & operational projects

    Satellite remote sensing

    Noise and pollution measurements

    Logistic management RFID

    Logistic management - IT systems

  • Satellite remote sensingWeather forecast

    Earth observation

    Earth data acquisition



  • Remote sensing now and future

    - Vessels surveillance- Oil spills- Floating iceberg

    - Nox measurement- Wather temperature- Sea level

  • Noise and pollution measurementsNoise measurements- Inside port area- Along access ways and gates by heavy traffic

    Pollution measurementsAirWater

  • Logistic management - RFIDRadio Frequency IDentification

    Reading a tag wireless toRetrieve data storedTraking goods in open supply chainsManaging the wharehouse in real-timeAll is done in remote & automaticData can be available on line in real-time

  • Logistic management IT systemDifferents Information Technology systems

    Are they speeking togheter ?Are they using same protocols ?

    Target : a common network for logistic management where all systems can exchange needed and common informations

  • Educational & traningKnoweledgeTraining Disseminationseminars & workshopsfor environement management in Port and CityFor stakeholdersInvolvementTown-planning and Environmental Universities Technical Scools, Publishing on line and printing HandbooksBests practices

  • Cooperation - extensionFind existing projectsfor environmental protection against marine pollution

    Common info-point aboutenvironmental protectionalong Adriatic Ionian seas

    Involvement of UN - EU organisations

  • Dangerous traffics

    DatabaseWhat kind of dangerous goods ?What are the main courses ?What are main terminals ?What are restricted and protected areas ?What means to fight pollution we have on the Adriatic-Ionian area ?What is their AvailabilityLocationAmountUsage

  • Q&A SuggestionProposals

    Please fill the supplied form and send it backas soon with you suggestion and/or news proposals

  • Thank you