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  • A Whole New MindLooking at the learning needs in the 21st Century with Dan Pink

  • DiscussionDo we promote L- or R- directed thinking? How? What is the proper balance?Is storytelling part of your curriculum? If not, should it be? How?

  • Investigating Story

  • Digital Storytelling overview

  • What is Digital Storytelling?Combining the art of telling stories with some mixture of digital graphics, text, recorded audio narration, video and music to present information on a specific topic.Revolve around a theme and often contain a particular viewpoint; stories are typically just a few minutes long.

  • Types of Digital Stories

    Personal Narratives Character Stories examplesow we love, who we are inspired by, and the importance of finding meaning in our relationships.Memorial Stories deal with memories of people who are no longer with us. These stories are often difficult but are emotionally powerful and can help with the grieving process.Stories about Events in Our LivesAdventure Stories revolve around places we visit and adventures we have in our travels. Other Personal Stories Recovery Stories deal with how we overcome great obstacles and challenges in our lives. Love Stories provide us with an opportunity to share some of the most meaningful parts of our lives with the people we most cherish.Discovery Stories let us reflect on what we have learned and illustrate our journeys of discovery.

  • Types of Digital Stories -1Examples of Personal Narratives Almost Paradise Computer and I Hurricane Rita to Houston

  • Types of Digital Stories -2Examples of Historical Digital Stories The Gettysburg Address Holocaust Hiroshima

  • Types of Digital Stories -3Stories that Inform or Instruct It can be Argued that All Digital Stories Inform (or Instruct)But the Distinction is that Digital Stories Can Be Created thatdeliver Instructional Content on Many Different TopicsIncluding: Math, Science, Language Arts, Medicine, etc.

    Geometry: Art & Architecture - Using the van Hiele Levels of Geometric Understanding to Improve Student Achievement

  • The seven elements of digital story tellingThe overall purpose of the story (developing a sense of audience)The narrators point of viewA dramatic question (hook)The choice of contentThe clarity of voice

  • Elements of Digital Storytelling cont.The pacing of the narrativeUsing a meaningful soundtrackQuality of the images, video and other multimedia contentEconomy of the storyGood Grammar and language usage.

  • Other important things to rememberCopyright issues page of any multimedia project should say: "Some of the material in this presentation is covered under the Copyright Law, Title 17, U.S. Code."

  • More Important things to rememberUsing appropriate and meaningful resources

  • Pre planning is essential for success.

  • Websites et alStoryboardsRAFT: Word Story: A day in my life as a teacher.

  • AudacityAudacity is a cross platform audio recorder/editor

  • PicassaOnline photoediting/ photosharing:

  • Digital Photography HintsWhat story am I telling?What is the visual focal point of this shot?What competing focal points are there?What is in the background and the foreground?Am I close enough?

  • More HintsWhat is the main source of light?Is the framing straight?From what other perspectives can this be shot?Would holding the camera the other way improve the shot?How will the viewers eyes travel through the image?

  • GWAEAS TOP 10 - 2012Online video creator:http://www.screenr.comKerpoof (Walt Disney): photo editor: