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  • Serving Australia with pride

    NEWSNAVY Volume 62, No. 20, October 31, 2019


    Brisbane invited to

    Fleet Week festivities Pages 6–7

    HMAS Brisbane sails into San Francisco Bay after passing under the Golden Gate Bridge.

    Hunting mines off S. Korea

    Pages 2-3


    Enforcing sanctions

    Pages 4-5

    ADF contributes to Tattoo



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    ISSN 2209-2277 (print) ISSN 2209-2242 (online)

    2 EAST-ASIA DEPLOYMENT October 31, 2019

    LEUT Anthony Martin

    JOINING units from the South Korea Navy and the United States Navy, HMA Ships Diamantina and Gascoyne have been participating in the Multinational Mine Warfare Exercise (MIWEX) in the waters off South Korea.

    The minehunters are also tak- ing part in the Multinational Mine Countermeasure Symposium dur- ing the four-month north-east Asian deployment.

    It is only the second time RAN minehunters have contributed to MIWEX and the first time a task group command element has joined the ships for a deployment.

    The exercise is challenging units with searching for, identifying and clearing maritime mines in challenging conditions, while they share knowledge, skills and equipment to achieve their objectives.

    The RAN ships are also using remote mine disposal vehicles in a demonstration of the high-quality equipment available to them.

    CO HMAS Diamantina LCDR Darren McDevitt said both ships and crews had prepared for the sea phase of the exercise and were prepared to meet any challenge.

    “Diamantina has maintained a high operational tempo this year and we can bring that experience to the exercise and show the international partners our excellence in mine warfare,” LCDR McDevitt said.

    Task Group Commander CMDR

    Brett Dawe said he was excited about the sea phase.

    “Now that the shore phase and desk- top exercises have been successfully completed, this is the time that we can hone our hands-on skills in partner- ship with our hosts and the US Navy,” CMDR Dawe said.

    The RAN units are operating closely with US and Korean vessels and mak- ing the most of opportunities to gain mutual benefit and enhance lessons learnt.

    “It is not often we have the oppor- tunity to work closely with so many units conducting mine warfare. Now is the time to share and learn key skills,” LCDR McDevitt said.

    LCDR McDevitt also hosted a wel- coming event for CAPT Soon Lee, Commander of the Republic of Korea Navy Minesweeper Flotilla 5, and his staff in Busan.

    Joined by CMDR Dawe and CO Gascoyne LCDR Sean Aitken, LCDR McDevitt escorted the Korean contin- gent on a tour of the ship, during which both groups talked about the similarities of tasks and equipment supporting mine warfare operations.

    The mine-disposal remotely oper- ated vehicle and the diving recompres- sion equipment generated much discus- sion about capability and endurance.

    CAPT Lee was pleased to visit Diamantina and see the ships he and his team were exercising with.

    “It is a great achievement for the Australian Navy to send these mine- hunters such a long way to join us here for the exercise,” CAPT Lee said.

    Rich vein of skills in mine hunting

    CMDR Brett Dawe and Republic of Korea’s CAPT Soon Lee, centre, with LCDR Darren McDevitt, second from left, LCDR Sean Aitken and other South Korean personnel after a cultural gift exchange.

    LCDR Daniel Lister, FLGOFF Wook-Jin Jo and WO Alan Hart on board ROKS Nampo.

    LCDR Darren McDevitt, second from right, leads the South Korean visitors on a tour of HMAS Diamantina.

    Weighty task

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    3NEWSOctober 31, 2019

    ONE of the many milestones achieved during the Multinational Mine Warfare Exercise (MIWEX) off the coast of South Korea has been the integration of Australian Navy Task Group Command Staff on board a South Korean warship.

    A core team of personnel from the RAN’s Minehunter Task Group has been embarked in the ROK Ship Nampo.

    LCDR Daniel Lister, who contributed to the ‘white cell’ group that controls the exercise on board the Nampo, said it was an exciting opportunity.

    “This is a unique operating environment and presents challenges for combined staff and tactical units alike,” LCDR Lister said.

    “Along with my staff of task group planners, our focus is on injecting relevant information at key points throughout the exercise.”

    LCDR Lister was joined on board Nampo by WO Combat Systems Manager Mine Warfare Alan Hart, who assisted with the planning and execution for the combined staff

    group for the exercise. WO Hart engaged with his multinational partners, sharing ideas and discussing tactics to enhance interoperability in the exercise scenarios.

    “It is not just sharing information but the mutual benefits we can achieve by learning from each other,” WO Hart said.

    The pair led an information-sharing session during the exercise, demonstrating RAN minewarfare planning processes and supporting systems.

    Rounding out the team and performing the invaluable role of interpreter was RAAF FLGOFF Wook-Jin Jo.

    Born in South Korea, FLGOFF Jo’s language skills were a crucial enabler to the task group, facilitating detailed military discussions and contributing greatly to the success of the exercise.

    “This is a fantastic experience and I am fortunate to be able to support the Navy during the exercise,” FLGOFF Jo said.

    – LEUT Anthony Martin

    LEUT Anthony Martin

    HMA Ships Diamantina and Gascoyne have been successful in the important tasks of locating, verifying and removal of underwa- ter training mines while taking part in the Multinational Mine Warfare Exercise (MIWEX) off the coast of South Korea

    The recovery of the training equipment uses the same diving, locating and securing skills used in dealing with real mines, with clear- ance divers deployed underwater to secure a marker and recovery line to the mines.

    The process then turns into a whole-ship seamanship evolution to recover the devices onto the ship.

    It is a slow and steady task to bring the securing weight and training mine, with a combined weight of nearly 400kg, to the surface.

    Once on the surface, the weight and mine are hoisted on to the quarterdeck of the recovering ship.

    CO Diamantina LCDR Darren McDevitt said the training device recovery was a great opportunity.

    “To have the clearance divers and mine warfare sailors work together to safely recover the train- ing device is an invaluable training opportunity that will be of ben- efit to future operations,” LCDR McDevitt said.

    “To have successfully recovered the training devices is evidence of our achievements during the exercise.”

    In conjunction with the crew conducting the recovery, the bridge team ensures the ship remains in the best position to aid in the deck work required to bring the equip- ment on board safely.

    Diamantina Navigating Officer LEUT Tim Carlin was responsible for keeping his ship on the right track during this critical phase.

    “The main engine is not used during these operations,” LEUT Carlin said.

    “The ship relies on the auxiliary propulsion units to maintain posi- tion while we conduc


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