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  1. 1. k o u k o u vaya f i n e a r tPhotograPhyLiverpool, UKMid 2010.. Photo
  2. 2. Mersey Bay, The
  3. 3. The Hilton, The Liver
  4. 4. River Mersey,
  5. 5. More construction
  6. 6. Theme Park,
  7. 7. Kirkby in the
  8. 8. Kirkby, View From St.
  9. 9. k o u k o u vaya f i n e a r t PhotograPhyAboutI am a mixed media artist and photographerfrom Croydon, UK. I also go by the alias ofXijI work with light, words, sound, people andother things...I have won no awards or accolades, and dontexpect to recieve any, possibly ever. I do how-ever, intend to share my interpretation ofbeauty with the world. This is one way of do-ing it. I also provide portraiture and eventphotography, please see my other portfoliosif interested.For gallery inquiries, design inquiries, quoterequests etc. please contact me through yourpreferred social media channelThank you!Images (C) Jack Oughton but nobody really cares about copyright on the


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