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Making Your Own

Flavored Salts

6/11/20091One of the easiest ways to elevate your cooking to another level is to use flavored salts,

or finishing salts.

No recipe needed, really.

Flavor + Salt = Flavored Salt.REALLY!!!6/11/20092


Szechuan Peppercorn Salt

6/11/20094Szechuan Peppercorn is really not a peppercorn at all its a berry from a bush that will make your tongue and lips tingle and numb when you eat them. Yes, its legal.

No, you cant snort it!


Dry-roasted Szechuan Peppercorn + food processor to grind the peppercorn + sea salt

6/11/20096Roast SZP in a hot, dry skillet until smoking but not burnt. Let that cool a little bit. Dump in food processor to grind to same size as your salt. Then you add your salt and pulse a just couple of times to fully incorporate the flavors together.

6/11/20097You can either keep it a little chunky or fine,as you like Use equal amts of SZP and sea salt. You can adjust based on your tastes. If you are using a very fine sea salt or just regular table salt, decrease the amt of salt.

6/11/20098When you dry-roast the peppercorns, your entire house will smell heavenlywoodsy, citrusy, earthyso incredibly aromatic .Add to any dish that needs a little kick in the pants. Cooking Chinese? Sprinkle some Szechuan Peppercorn Salt to finish any dish.

Szechuan Peppercorn Sea Salt Sea salt and Szechuan peppercorns. This is amazing toasted, ground and put on just about anything, from popcorn to stir-fries.

6/11/20099Season your steaks with this instead of the standard salt & pepper prior to grillingtry it & see.

This can also serve as a dipping salt for fried shrimp.

6/11/200910Try this combination on potato chips! Make them yourself (its very simple with a mandolin) and flavor with SZP Salt while they are hot.

Or, dump a bag of your favorite plain chips onto a baking sheet + 375 F for 5 minutes, remove and sprinkle with SZP Salt.

Ohhhhow about French fries with SZP Salt at your next dinner party? Nothing like watching the reaction of your guests as their lips tingle and they discover a new taste!

6/11/200911When you get your SZP, take a couple of pods and chew - the tip of your tongue will go tingly!

Cooking the SZP tames the pepperyness and the numbing quality.

6/11/200912Citrus Salt

6/11/200913Grated orange peel + grated lemon peel + let the citrus peels dry a little bit on a paper towel + sea salt

6/11/200914Think bright, cheery and light. Finish your shrimp skewers, any vegetables, grilled chicken breasts, grilled salmon with Citrus Salt.

Lighten your risotto or steamed rice with Citrus Salt.

6/11/200915Matcha Salt

6/11/200916Matcha is Japanese green tea powder made from the highest quality of green tea leaves. Its a stunning and lovely mossy color which makes such a pretty finishing salt, especially if you use a white plate and also sprinkle some directly on the plate.

6/11/200917Matcha powder + sea salt + couple pulses in food processor if you are using coarse sea salt

6/11/200918Use with dishes that are light in texture and flavor, since this salts flavor is more delicate and subtle. It gives a beautiful floral, grassy, sweet and soothing aroma.Chocolate truffle or chocolate bar + dip in Matcha Salt.


TrinityTry it & let me know!!!6/11/200920