Flattening the payment world bridging the gap for global commerce

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As the predicted growth rate for cross-border e-commerce continues to rise exponentially, Thomas Friedmans The World is Flat concept, seems all the more relevant. But what does "Flat" mean? When it comes to dealing with Payments, the differences in consumer habits, financial regulations, credit card penetration rates, interchange fees and many other factors show that selling worldwide requires more than clicking the "global" button. In this presentation I've briefly demonstrated how different payment methods are bridging the gap for global commerce and enabling entrepreneurs to innovate, despite these numerous challenges.


<ul><li>1.FLATTENING THE PAYMENT WORLD: $ $ $ Bridging the gap for global commerce Noam Inbar, VP Business Development, Zooz Payments </li></ul> <p>2. Is it Really Flat? $ Thomas L. Friedman 3. CASH * IS * KING 4. And Its Here To Stay $ 85% Cash Economy 74% Prefer Cash 6% Annual cash growth 5. NEWWORLD - NEEDS - TECHNOLOGY 6. The Ultimate Payment Method Formula: Balancing usability with security $ User Experience Security 7. User Experience One Click Payment $ 80% Expect their shopping experience to be at least AS GOOD as In-store shopping Source: Tealeaf Mobile Transactions Survey 8. Security Knowing the differnce between security, privacy and fraud $ S e c u r i n g the transaction Risk management rules Verification 3rd party solutions Chargebacks Phishing Encryption PCI rules Authenticating the payment source 9. Credit Cards $ Its fast, you can purchase products from far away Paying with credit card is more accessible and reliable Online Payments It records your transaction history Source: Jana.com/blog 10. eWallets The network effect Top Global eWallets $ 11. Cash Wallets Changing the chemistry of cash in emerging markets Qiwi is used by over 60 million consumers once a month $ 12. Buy Now, Pay Later $ Credit Card payments in German Ecommerce - only 34% 13. Bitcoin $ Robcoin 14. Zooz Optimizing payments holisticly in a single management platform Global Reach Optimized Checkout Flexible Processing High-grade Security Omni Channel 15. Questions? ? Feel free to reach out noam@zooz.com www.zooz.com @InbarNoam linkedin.com/in/noaminbar </p>