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    Standard Features Low disposal cost

    Large sludge holdingcapacity

    Corrosion resistantconstruction

    FRP pump with choice ofmechanicalseals

    Available with slurrytankfor easy pre-coating

    Powder coated steel framewith casters for easyhandling

    Mechanical liftingdevice foreasy access to filter pack

    NEMA 4 liquid tight,corrosion resistant starter

    Temperatureto 190' F(9O"C)


    Series LSIHFHigh Flow Rubber Lined Fillers

    ,/ Horizontal disctechnology lorsuperiorperformance

    ,/ High efficiencyand high flow

    Applications Nickel, Zinc andTIn


    Copper, BrassandChrome Plating

    Precious Metal Rinsing Solutions

    Cleaning Solutionsstewater

    PRO "-a- Di - -"".... ~~,Iag VISIon~. PA19438 Phone: 215-72Hi030 FAX:215-~758

    E-nWI: mefiagOmeliJlO.com Web site: www.melpro.comlm elia 9html

    FLAME SPRAY MASKING TAPECS Hyde cs.. Lake Villa, Ill.

    cleaning system that uses ad-vanced bioremediation technologyto get parts clean without the has-sles and expense associated withsolvent use and disposal. Sincethe system doesn't use harsh sol-vents for cleaning, the Smart-Washer Solution doesn't sting orburn. Unlike solvent-based clean-ers that become dirty and less ef-fective over time, the SmartWasher Solution remains clean,no matter how much it is used.The user simply tops off theSmartWasher Solution at the pre-scribed intervals. Since most haz-ardous soils and compounds areremediated by microbes there areno hazardous wastes to dispose of.Circle 414 on the reader service card

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    Aquations ...cs Hyde's Plasma Flame SprayTapes withstand heavy-duty gritblasting, protect from overspray-ing/splash, and resist intenseheat and abrasion. Two -ply/dou-ble-duty tapes save cost and timeby eliminating a se~ond taping op-eration when multiple layers areneeded. High-temperature sili-cone adhesive provides heat resis-tance, high adhesion, and ease ofremoval without leaving adhesiveresidue. These products are usedfor multiple purposes; HVOF,metal or ceramic plasma spray-ing, or grit blasting.Circle 415 on the reader service card

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