Five ways to get top ratings for your apps

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Five ways to get top ratings for your appsBuild a good appThe first and foremost way to ensure that the app gets top ratings is to ensure that it is a really good mobile app.In laymans terms a good app needs to be:built for a reason other than just pure marketing, but adds value to the consumers using it.has simple-to-use UI and UX, which makes it an instant hit with the usersis bug free and has been thoroughly tested before releasing into the marketUnderstand your usersUnderstanding your users is very essential to ensure that the mobile app gets best rating possible.Understand the difference between Enterprise and Consumer app requirements.Understand user requirements and make it simple to use.Make apps fun, instead of Unable to connect use something like Are you sure you have the wifi on?Spread the wordBuilding an app and releasing it into the market is not enough to ensure that the app gets the best rating and download numbers.100s of Apps released daily, only few get noticed or featured.Generate a lot of buzz to let tech bloggers, other developers and users to look forward to download the app when it is available.More buzz generated means app store reviewers could possibly hear about your app and feature it.Listen to your customersWe live in an age when a complaint is a few taps away on a digital keyboard, it could be the app store reviews or social media sites like twitter.Keep an eye on what your users are saying on app store and everywhere online.Take feedback constructively and reply to users to let them know you care.It is ok to say NO to some requests which do not fit into your apps vision and strategy.Update regularlyAnother way to ensure that users always give you the best rating and reviews is to ensure that you update your app regularly.Competitors will always launch apps which can do better than yours, so keep updating and adding features to stay relevant for the users.Updating allows you to add features which you could not add in the initial release.Users who notice regular updates use it for longer period as well as provide better reviews.Thanks for viewing our presentation, we hope you have enjoyed the tips to get top ratings for your apps.For further insights visit our blogpost, for more insightful articles subscribe to our newsletter.Ray Clarke With over 20 years in the design industry, Ray ensures our products are easy to use, look the part, and are fit for purpose for their end users. Originally trained as an industrial designer and has worked in the production of physical and digital products internationally for many well known brands and licenses.