Five Things Great Managers Do

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<ul><li><p>Five Things Great Managers DoTim Sieck - On Target Talent</p></li><li><p>Are There Five Things?Yes!By researching common themes from competency models, key characteristics emerge.They are easy to do.</p></li><li><p>The Big 5</p></li><li><p>1. Know Your EmployeesMotivatorsIrritatorsTypes of job assignments that provide challenge.</p></li><li><p>2. Ask More Than You TellHelp employees learn.Help them solve their own problems.Help them be efficient.Ask questions that</p></li><li><p>3. Be InclusiveInvolve everyone on the team.Generate discussion around issues.Delegate job assignments that give everyone the chance to develop.</p></li><li><p>4. Lead By ExamplePitch in to help with projects.Show employees that its ok to have balance.Watch what you say and do.</p></li><li><p>5. Admit Your MistakesTransparency is crucial. Own up to your flaws.Fix things that dont work.</p></li></ul>