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<ul><li><p>2015 ROTARY INTERNATIONAL CONVENTION </p><p>Five Things Every Rotary Club Facebook Page Should Have </p><p> #ricon15 </p></li><li><p>#ricon15 </p><p> Rotary Club of </p><p>Covington, LA </p><p> Zone 31 Asst. Public </p><p>Image Coordinator 13-14 </p><p> 20 years of pure geekery </p><p> Active in online </p><p>communities for 15+ </p><p>years </p><p>Brian Hall, District 6840 Governor </p></li><li><p>#ricon15 </p><p>Karen Teichman, District 7360 Past Governor </p><p>Rotary Club of Lewisburg, PA Sunset Currently serving as Zone Endowments/Major Gifts Advisor District 7360 Public Image Chair Centennial District Governor 2004-2005 Served as Zone Assistant Regional Rotary Foundation Coordinator Served as Membership Coordinator, Zone 32 committee </p></li><li><p>#ricon15 </p><p>1. Determine your audience and create a strategy </p><p>2. Use images that make your club look great </p><p>3. Make your About and other Facebook tabs work for </p><p>you </p><p>4. Post content that is relevant to your audience </p><p>5. Get club buy-in </p><p>The Facebook Five </p></li><li><p>#ricon15 </p><p>1a. Determine your audience </p></li><li><p>#ricon15 </p><p>Who would you like to read your social media posts? And why? </p></li><li><p>#ricon15 </p><p>Who is best reached by Facebook? </p><p> Club members that you see every week and you have email </p><p>addresses and phone numbers for? </p><p> Or an external audience looking to learn more and might want to </p><p>join or donate to your club? </p><p>Audience </p></li><li><p>#ricon15 </p><p>What Rotary does can provide the content Facebook audiences look for </p></li><li><p>#ricon15 </p><p>1b and create a strategy </p></li><li><p>#ricon15 </p><p>80 percent of your Facebook posts should be </p><p>about whats most relevant to your audience. </p><p>Strategy How do you reach your audience? </p></li><li><p>#ricon15 </p><p>How do you want someone to feel after reading </p><p>your post? </p><p>What action would you like someone to take after </p><p>reading your post? </p><p>They read your post, and now so what? </p></li><li><p>#ricon15 </p><p>2. Use images that make your club look great </p></li><li><p>#ricon15 </p><p> Professional look close up, in focus, good lighting </p><p> Color! </p><p> Action </p><p> Happy peopleand lots of them! </p><p> Tell a story </p><p> Showcase your members and achievements </p><p>Photos What attracts people? </p></li><li><p>#ricon15 </p><p>Photos with an air of mystery </p></li><li><p>#ricon15 </p><p>Photos that introduce your happy members </p></li><li><p>#ricon15 </p><p>Photos of your fun, exciting events! </p></li><li><p>#ricon15 </p><p>Photos of your club making a difference! </p></li><li><p>#ricon15 </p><p>Photos that recognize success </p></li><li><p>#ricon15 </p><p> Profile picture needs to look good as a small square </p><p> Nothing too busy Easily identifiable, e.g. Rotary emblem Not likely to change regularly </p><p> Cover photos can showcase your club Photos are easy (only see 850 x 315 px) but choose wisely </p><p> More professional mashup with appropriate text (e.g. website URL) even better </p><p>Profile Pics and Cover Photos </p></li><li><p>#ricon15 </p><p>Profile Pics and Cover Photos </p></li><li><p>#ricon15 </p><p>Profile Pics and Cover Photos </p></li><li><p>#ricon15 </p><p>3. Make your About and other Facebook tabs </p><p> work for you </p></li><li><p>#ricon15 </p><p>About Section -- Overview </p><p> Set the scene succinctly in the About overview, just under your profile pic don't overrun the space provided! In particular, mention where precisely you are! It can be impossible to work out where a club is from its name alone, especially since many places share the same town name. If you have room, include your web address. </p></li><li><p>#ricon15 </p><p>About Section -- Details </p><p> Fields provided depend on page category chosen. Fill in as much detail as possible especially your contact details! Be sure to include your web address so visitors can explore further. </p></li><li><p>#ricon15 </p><p>About Section Life Events </p><p> Use Life Events/ Milestones to record key occasions: club presidents, awards and etc </p></li><li><p>#ricon15 </p><p>Events </p><p> Events are a great way to increase attendance </p><p> Very quick to set up </p><p> Guests can buy tickets online </p><p> Map of location </p><p> Easily update attendees and those considering going </p><p> Automatic reminders through Facebook </p></li><li><p>#ricon15 </p><p>4. Post content that is relevant to your audience </p></li><li><p>#ricon15 </p><p>PUT A FACE ON ROTARY: Tell your clubs story </p><p>Reflect your brand </p><p>Set call to action </p><p>Remember: A picture says </p><p>Encourage likes </p><p>Promote events </p></li><li><p>#ricon15 </p><p>PUT A FACE ON ROTARY: Show who you are &amp; what you do </p><p>This iconic club photo attracted 768 unique users: Why? Many people tagged Many people liked Several people </p><p>commented One person shared </p></li><li><p>#ricon15 </p><p> Use a conversational voice </p><p> Target audience with relevant messages </p><p> Strike an emotional chord </p><p> Try questions to engage </p><p> Make clear calls to action </p><p>ENGAGE THE VISITOR: Be simple, relevant, and direct </p></li><li><p>#ricon15 </p><p>ENGAGE THE VISITOR: Help people find you with like, @, tag &amp; # </p><p>Help people find you and learn your story through Likes Tags Hashtags (#) </p></li><li><p>#ricon15 </p><p>KEEP IT FRESH: Check your results, adjust accordingly </p></li><li><p>#ricon15 </p><p>5. Get club buy-in </p><p>TAKE ACTION, EXCHANGE IDEAS, JOIN LEADERS </p></li><li><p>#ricon15 </p><p>SELL YOUR CLUB: Be clear about benefits </p><p> Encourage dialogue </p><p> Tell them: FB is too big to ignore </p><p> Be clear about objectives: awareness </p><p> Contrast with other media </p><p> Explain benefits: </p><p> Puts a face on Rotary </p><p> Strengthens club ties </p><p> Builds support </p><p> Supports recruiting </p></li><li><p>#ricon15 </p><p>ADDRESS FEARS: Be frank and keep it simple </p><p>Simplify concepts </p><p>Discuss privacy </p><p>Define terms: FB, pages, groups, friend, like, </p><p>messages, news feed, notifications, poke, profile, </p><p>ticker, timeline, wall </p></li><li><p>#ricon15 </p><p>GET STARTED: Ask your members to take specific action </p><p> Sign up </p><p> Visit </p><p> Like </p><p> Click </p><p> Comment </p><p> Share </p><p> Keep the momentum champion the champions, send reminders, set a regular cadence of posts, use </p><p>scheduling tools, designate a page roles </p></li><li><p>#ricon15 </p><p>Questions? </p><p>#ricon14 </p></li></ul>


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