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Five Safety Gift Ideas for Baby Shower Gifts. Shower the mother-to-be with baby gifts, keeping in mind the the safety. This list of gifts By Windshield Alert ( guarantees to help you.


  • 1.Pregnant & in Labor You can't be Late! The most important baby shower gift for the "Maternity HOSPITAL BAG"! Static-cling EMERGENCY sign Windshield Alert Five Safety Gift Ideas for Baby Shower Gifts

2. Baby shower is the celebration meant for the baby to come and the mother would be. Usually it is a gathering of family's closest relatives and friends. It also means that the expectant mother is "showered" with gifts. While thinking about a baby shower gift, if you want to gift something out of the box, just think of something useful but also provide safety for the baby and the mother. Following are 5 safety Gift Ideas For Baby Shower Gathering: Windshield Alert 3. While talking about safety of the expectant mother, the Windshield Alert tops the list. Alert other motorists to move over using Windshield Alert Emergency banner. Windshield Alert Static-cling EMERGENCY banner is a well designed, high quality emergency accessory that can be easily applied on the inside of the windshield using glass cleaner, while planning a hospital trip. It is one of the obvious choice for the baby shower gift for the safety of the mum- tobe, while driving her to the hospital during labor. Windshield Alert 4. Safety Bath Duck: There are several safety bath duckies available in the market. Choose the one with the best functionalities. These duckies come with a safety disc attached to it at the bottom of the duck. The color of the duck changes immediately, if the water is too hot for the baby. This will be one of the best safety gift to the first time mum-tobe. And even after the baby grows, it could be used as a normal bath toy. 5. Good Health and First Aid Safety Kit: Look for the healthcare set with thermometers and baby nail clippers. Along with it, a baby safety kit is the must, so that you can carry it along with you while traveling. 6. Video baby monitors (Baby Cams): The video monitors are meant for keeping watch on the movements of your newborn, while you are not around in the same room. It gives a clear view with simple and easy-to-use functionality, giving you complete peace of mind while in other rooms of your home and your baby is sleeping. Infrared night vision allows you to clearly view your baby, even in very low-light conditions. 7. Earcheck Middle Ear Monitor: This is something very useful for the newborn. With the touch of a button, accurately and painlessly detect the presence of middle ear fluid. These monitors are designed to be gentle for the newborns. 8. A baby shower gift that keeps safety in mind can also give the parents a peace of mind. If you want to gift something different and useful, above are the choices you can make. Windshield Alert