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    es) . - -Ta f fy Davis, RN, BSN, CEN, Franklin Memorial Hospital, Emergency Department, 1 Hospital Drive, Farmington, ME 04938

    First ENA Nurse Practice Networking Session

    Dear Editor; The first ENA Nurse Pract ice Network ing Ses-

    sion was he ld in San Anton io on October 1, 1994. Twenty - two members represent ing 10 states par- t i c ipated in the session.

    There was l ively d iscuss ion about the use of un l i censed ass is t ive personnel . Comments ranged from concerns about the poss ib le increase in the paramedic scope of pract ice in F lor ida to uneas iness and anger about the lack of reg is tered nurses on t rauma resusc i tat ion teams in certa in hospi ta ls in Ohio and Georgia.

    We also ta lked about ENA's Scope of Pract ice pos i t ion s ta tement and packet . The group d iscussed ways for th is informat ion to reach a larger port ion of the genera l membersh ip .

    Final ly, the need for an avenue of communica - t ion between state and nat ional Pract ice Commit - tees was ident i f ied. One method of communicat ion is an annua l network ing session. Another is the de- ve lopment of a roster of those present at this first network ing session. The roster wiI1 serve as a resource for communicat ion between sess ion mem- bers. The l ist inc ludes Nat ional Nurse Pract ice Commit tee members and several s tate Pract ice Commit tee chairpersons. These ta lented and expe- r ienced nurses can he lp to answer quest ions, and we can keep each other in formed about current pract ice issues.

    If you would be in terested in rece iv ing a copy of the l ist or wou ld l ike us to add your name to the list, p lease send me your request.--Susan Kaplan, RN, CEN, Chair, Massachusetts Nursing Practice Committee; member, ENA National Nursing Prac- tice Committee, 9 Carlson Circle, Natick, MA 01760

    Scope of practice and protocols sought for ED nurse practitioners

    Dear Editor: I am a fami ly nurse pract i t ioner s tudent work-

    ing on my project to complete my master ' s degree. My project involves wr i t ing protocols for the nurse pract i t ioner in the emergency depar tment . Our cur- rent ED census is more than 65,000 vis its per year. Six months ago we deve loped a minor care track to

    rel ieve the urgent t rack in the depar tment . Our goal is to see 50% of the ED pat ients in the minor care track.

    I wou ld apprec ia te cor respondence and adv ice on def in ing the nurse pract i t ioner 's scope of prac- tice, deve lop ing protocols, and sources of informa- t ion used as a basis. I have worked as an emergency nurse for 23 years and be l ieve there is a need and a p lace for pract i t ioners in the emergency set t ing . - Alice McCann, RN, BSN, CEN, 113 Brycewood Cir- cle, Hattiesburg, MS 39402

    More on reentering

    Dear Editor: The JOURNAL OF EMERGENCY NURSING recent ly

    pub l i shed two art ic les that focused on mentors. This occurred just as I was go ing to submi t my own ar- ticle!

    My mentor prov ided or ientat ion for me in the emergency depar tment 15 years ago. I stil l l ive by the pear ls of w isdom she gave to me. . . cannu late what you can; never let them hurt you; ask if you do not know; and a lways try to keep your sense of hu- mor!

    As a col league, my mentor wou ld make sure I was comfortab le in crisis, maybe poke her head into a t reatment room to see if I needed help, and some- t imes she wou ld check just to be sure I was smi l ing. And, if I was not, she would occas ional ly act out someth ing hyster ica l ly insane (in a profess ional manner, of course)!

    I have often seen her share her knowledge not only wi th me, but with our ent i re staff. She is a sol id peer professional , and has become an even bet ter personal fr iend. Most recent ly, this nurse has f inal ly become an acknowledged nurs ing leader: she serves on the ENA Board of Directors. Through all these ac- compl ishments, there is a lways an under ly ing theme of energy and effectiveness that is contagious.

    I come from the school of "emulate what you admire , " so, it comes as no surpr ise that I recent ly have been ab le to real ize some impor tant goals: a more act ive par t ic ipat ion in my profess ional associ- ation, fur ther ing of my educat ion, wr i t ing for publ i - cation, and teaching. I am sure I wou ld not be as in- terested in these asp i rat ions if it were not for my personal mentor and friend, known to me as "Duba."

    This letter is wr i t ten not only to encourage other ED nurses to recognize and honor their men- tors, but also to encourage each one of us to str ive to be a mentor!--Mik Staeck, RN, BSN CEN, North- ern Nevada Medical Center, Sparks, Nevada

    June 1995 197