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  • Let the beginning never end.The birth of a child marks a dening moment in your life. From this day forward,EVERYTHING changes. You have a new reason for living.You have a new reason to love.And just weeks from now, your little one will no longer t so tiny in your arms.They are only this little for so long.They are only this little for so long.

    With a newborn portrait session I will help you.....let that beginning never end. Newborns are truly Sabrinas favorite subjects to photograph and her passion for capturing the newness of life shows in the way that she comforts, soothes, and carefully poses them. Newborns stay new for such a short time. Sabrina loves to capture all of the special details of your fresh little one before they begin to change. As Dallas premier newborn photographer, she is highly sought after for her unique perspective and uncanny ability to capture the beauty of newborn babies.

    About me

  • Approximately 2-3 weeks following your session we will meet at my studio for your in person consultation to discuss your needs and desires regarding your order. You can choose to purchase images A la Carte or within a package from my Collections menu.

    Once full payment is received, your products will be Once full payment is received, your products will be ordered. Please allow 2 to 3 weeks for delivery. Any unordered images will be archived. You will also get a password to your online proong gallery, where family and friends are able to see and purchase images. The online gallery will be active for 2 weeks. Once the gallery has been archived, there will be a $35 fee to republish it for 7 additional days. for 7 additional days.

    The best time to contact me is during your pregnancy so that you dont miss out. We will make a tentative booking based on your due date and then I will wait to hear from you when you arrive home from hospital with your new baby. We can arrange a suitable time and date for your session then.

    The ideal time to photograph newborn babies is around 6-10 days of age.

    I like to allow plenty of time for feeding and cuddling during the session so it will I like to allow plenty of time for feeding and cuddling during the session so it will take between 2-4 hours. I have lots of props for you to choose from and I like to in-volve you in the styling of the session.

    Your session fee covers my custom-styled photography, your in person consultation and your private online gallery. During your viewing session you will see approxi-mately 20 images, each personally and creatively edited by me. The session fee does not include any prints or digital negatives but will be deducted from you choice of package when ordering.

    About your session & when to book

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