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The Final report of easa010, written for INCM 2010. 120,000 words, 592 pages, split into 5 sections.


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    About this document

    This report was written in the weeks following easa010 Manchester and prior

    to INCM 2010 Copenhagen though I have been working on it to a greater or

    lesser extent throughout the whole organisation process.

    Sitting down to write a Final Report is a daunting prospect, in some ways more

    daunting than any other aspect of organising EASA there are a lot of things

    to consider. Not all EASAs have produced a fi nal report, but for the nature

    of easa010 it feels entirely appropriate. Having read a number of previous

    Final Reports, it is clear that the approach to these documents is as varied as

    the types of EASAs the teams have produced. From the rigorously thought

    through, and elegantly written, Irish report of 2008, to the voluminous Swiss

    report from 2005 with its reproduction of bundles of communications and

    workshop submissions, to the very conversational (and my personal favorite)

    1997 Train document; to pick three from the multitude.

    Rather than try to copy any of these, we have rather tried to emulate their spirit

    of providing something of benefi t to the network, to provide it with something

    we would have appreciated in the years and months leading up to easa010.

    It is my hope that this document can serve as both documentation of the

    easa010 event and as a reference document for future organisers. The

    extensive easa010 organisation team has all been called upon to write

    relevant sections, and as much as possible they appear here un-edited so

    that the words come to you direct from the people most involved with each

    element of a fantastically complex undertaking. It is also my hope that the

    document, while remaining pertinent in content, retains personal voices of

    the contributors, EASA is a network and its charm comes from the people who

    attend and as such we have tried to keep this document conversational with

    added facts.

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    easa010 Final Report

    There are many things that affected easa010 that will be irrelevant to future

    EASAs, be it because of politics, fi nancial situation, the goals of the organisers,

    or simply the location typology, that said the report has been produced as a

    single document with the network and future organisers in mind. As such

    it has been split into fi ve sections, Bidding, Organisation, easa010, Output,

    and Appendices. It has been laid out in such a way so that it can be read in

    a chronological order, time permitting, but also so that future organisers can

    quickly fi nd relevant details, facts or tips without trudging through the entire


    With that said, if you are sitting comfortably then we shall begin:

    Welcome to our Final Report.


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    Where to fi nd things

    Section One: Bidding10 Introduction

    12 Thoughts and Advice

    16 Our Experience

    22 INCM 2008

    26 Review

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    easa010 Final Report

    Section Two: Organising30 Introduction

    32 Experience and Advice

    34 Time line

    38 Pillars of the Bid

    40 Theme

    42 Team

    52 Offi ce

    56 Gallery

    66 Filing

    68 Incorporation

    70 Finances

    74 Fund Raising

    96 Communication

    108 Events

    126 Spaces

    134 Timetable

    138 Talent

    140 Workshop Selection

    142 Participants

    156 Waste Management

    160 Food

    170 Rota

    174 Volunteers

    178 Info Point

    182 Downtex

    192 Safety

    202 Review

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    Section Three: easa010226 Introduction

    228 Experience and Advice

    232 Accommodation

    248 Hope Mill

    254 Workshops

    270 Talent

    280 Network

    286 Timetable

    296 Team

    300 Management

    308 Post EASA

    312 Review

    Section Four: Output354 Introduction

    356 Workshops

    406 easaDAY

    428 Legacy

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    easa010 Final Report

    Sections Five: Appendices432 Introduction

    434 Bid

    454 easaHQ

    464 Newsletters

    465 Licence / Planning

    488 Sponsors

    490 easa010

    511 Essays

    534 Articles

    542 Alternatives

    553 Numbers

    564 Letters

    584 Who wrote this

    585 Who it was written for

    590 So...