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Presentation One

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Washed Up Treasure

These slides show pictures of jewelry that were photo

shopped onto different beach scenes. The idea was to

use contrasting themes, the casual air of the beach

verses glitzy jewelry, to produce an intriguing eye

catching display. These pictures could be used as

advertisement for the jewelry company or a

magazine spread.


Eco-friendly workout gear - found

I’m sure you have all noticed the reusable bags, it seems just about EVERY store is selling to replace standard plastic bags, or the articles telling you how important it is to replace your regular light bulbs with fluorescent ones to save energy, or say the hype on hybrid cars. Well, we have, and we’ve listened.

The staff here, as well as myself, are very interested in becoming more aware of the environment, what we are doing that isn’t so great for it, and what we can do to change. It is becoming more importance to conserve energy and to start living a more sustainable lifestyle. Leaving behind a smaller “footprint” is the ultimate goal. After all we want our kids to experience the same natural beauty we have been able to, don’t we?

18K gold dipped


Nugaard Designs


Zooey eco-

friendly tees



Mascara $15

Cheek stain $28

Tarte’s eco-

friendly products

can be found at

Silver clutch$92

Confetti bag$188





Soy candles



$18 (scent:

Bad Seed-


Raw Silk






journals, made

with recycled




The following slides show a line of clothing inspired by fairytales and princess and

is to be worn by the everyday girly feminine female. This is a line that is design for the women that are still

young girls at heart and who shouldn’t have to give up that “fairytale lifestyle”

to fit into an adult world.

Left: Thin strapped, v-neck tank with

silk ribbon wrapped several times

around bodice and tied with a bow in the back.

Black flared jean.

Right: Tank, thicker straps that sit right on

shoulder, scoop cowl neck, tight-fitted

bodice, long – flared hemline hits top of thigh.

Skinny jeans, dark wash, scrunch at bottom.

Fitted A-line dress with a sweetheart

neckline and thin

straps, silk ribbon

wrapped several times around bodice and tied with a bow in the


Strapless dress with structured

bodice, top of bodice has clear and

white beading, skirt flares slightly

with white tulle showing

from underneath.

Left: Peter pan collared button down shirt, closely

fitted with a puffed sleeve. Black tight-fitted

skirt with a shinier finish, thick ribbon at

waist, tied in back with a bow.

Right: Scoop neckline, tight-fitted bodice with a

flared skirt, puffed sleeve, beading at

neckline and hemline.

Halter dress, corset-like bodice

with structured

boning, waistline seam

comes down in a “V”, skirt is flared with a tulle layer

showing from underneath.

Strapless dress with a

sweetheart neckline that

has a lace trim, tight-fitted bodice

with a shirring skirt.

Left: V-neck, thick strapped tank with silk ribbon wrapped around straps and tied on top, flared hemline. Skinny

jeans, dark wash, scrunch at


Right: Halter dress, beading along

neckline, flared and pleated skirt.

Presentation Four

Shoe Line

For my fourth project I wanted to continue in

the designing realm so I decided to create a shoe

line that would go with my clothing line in my

third project.

Hot pink


Wooden Heel Pattern on outside of shoe; except in other color schemes such as white, pinks, and purples

Dark brown; heel and outside of shoe

Cream insole


Pale pink oversized ribbon that tie up the front of the shoe

Light purple

Light buttery yellow for the ribbon (bow) and bottom sole of shoe

Dark purple on outside of shoe

Straps wrap around front of ankle and go around back. There is a clasp and ribbon to tie in a bow at the back of the ankle.

Black patent leather on outside and underneath

Medium pink hue on heel and bottom of sole

Same pattern as in first shoe but on the inside, but in just pink and white.

Shoe is open to reveal the outside side of the foot. The toes are covered and the second “strap” crosses over the foot.


Pale pink ribbon folded over numerous times where the layers gradually go upwards.Teal on the outside

and inside of the shoe

Strap that goes around ankle

Cream insole