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<ul><li> 1. CHILDCARE FROM A GLOBAL PERSPECTIVE B y : D o r a J o o C h a n m a t t i e S i n g h T e n e a s h a B r u f f C o r o l i n S a n t h a n a Hong Kong </li> <li> 2. THE AGENDA An overview of the country Hong Kong Types of childcare systems History of the childcare system Philosophy Availability /accessibility Roles of Early Childhood Educators </li> <li> 3. Hong Kong History 1. Colonial Era (1800-1930s): Opium Wars: British territory Christian missionaries: Infant classes Chinese Republic (1912) &amp; Sino Japanese War: Refugees 2. Japanese Occupation Era (1940s): World War II &amp; Japanese Occupation: Refugees 3. Post Japanese Occupation (1945-1950): Nationalist- Communist Civil War: Migration and industries raid-on-Communist-bases.png D. Joo </li> <li> 4. Influx of manpower (50s-60s): Demand of preschool education and care Preschoolers: 13,000 (1953) 198,351 (1979) Qualified teachers: 35% (1958) 20% (1971) Class sizes/ Ratio: 1:25 (1959) _ 1:35 (1972) Entrance examinations Teacher training courses: QAKT &amp; QKT Modern HK Under Britain (1950-1997): D. Joo </li> <li> 5. Modern HK Under China (1997) ECE was not recognized as playing a formal role. HK has been heavily influenced by Western perspective. The government is under the pressure of opposing groups. Parents are Confucianism oriented towards education. ECE is the domain of private operators interested in quality but must respond to parents. D, Joo </li> <li> 6. HONG KONGS COMPETITIVE PARENTS AND CHILDCARE Hong Kongs underlying philosophy Kindergarten in Hong Kong varies considerably by the different teaching philosophies, curricula and the differences in the tuition fee. C. Singh </li> <li> 7. C. Singh </li> <li> 8. Children attend a class to learn how to speak English with an American accent in Hong Kong (2013, November 25). Retrieved from Hong Kong's overzealous parents may be hampering their kids, says expert: lifestyle-education-language_pl803_38974107.jpg?itok=a3w6oefe C. Singh </li> <li> 9. C. Singh </li> <li> 10. </li> <li> 11. </li> <li> 12. CONDUCTIVE EDUCATION The Underlying Philosophy of child care in Hong Kong What is conductive Education? Who is it for? Rehabilitation is seen as an educational task. C. Singh </li> <li> 13. C. Singh </li> <li> 14. C. Singh </li> <li> 15. C. Singh </li> <li> 16. Availability Childcare In HONG KONG T. Bruff </li> <li> 17. Childcare in Hong Kong is available CHILDCARE IN HONG KONG IS AVAILABLE IN NURSERY SCHOOL AND DAY CARE CENTRES. NURSERIES &amp; DAYCARE CENTRES ARE SUPERVISED BY THE SOCIAL WELFARE DEPARTMENT'S AND OTHER SUB-BRANCHES OF CHILDCARE SERVICES. KINDERGARTENS ARE SUPERVISED BY THE EDUCATION BUREAU. KINDERGARTEN PLACES ARE NOT FREE, BUT GOVERNMENT SUBSIDIES THROUGH A NEW PRE-PRIMARY EDUCATION VOUCHER SCHEME. y/sub_listofserv/id_childcares/ T. Bruff </li> <li> 18. SPECIAL CHILD CARE CENTRE PROVIDES SPECIAL TRAINING AND CARE FOR MODERATELY AND SEVERELY DISABLED CHILDREN UNDER 6 YEARS OLD TO FACILITATE THEIR GROWTH AND DEVELOPMENT, HELPING THEM PREPARE FOR PRIMARY EDUCATION. MUTUAL HELP CHILD CARE CENTRE THERE TO PROMOTE MUTUAL HELP ON CHILD CARE WITHIN THE NEIGHBOURHOOD, IS SET UP BY NON-PROFIT-MAKING ORGANIZATIONS TO PROVIDE CARE BABIES AND TODDLERS. NEIGHBOURHOOD SUPPORT CHILD CARE PROJECT PROVIDES FLEXIBLE CHILD CARE SERVICE FOR CHILDREN UNDER 6 YEARS OLD, AND PROMOTES COMMUNITY PARTICIPATION AND MUTUAL HELP IN THE NEIGHBOURHOOD. TWO AVAILABLE SERVICES: -HOME-BASED CHILD CARE SERVICE OPERATES FROM 7:00AM TO 11:00PM -CENTRE-BASED CARE GROUP OPERATES TILL LATE EVENINGS AND COVERS SOME WEEKENDS AND SOME PUBLIC HOLIDAYS. CONTINUED AVAILABLE CHILDCARE T. Bruff </li> <li> 19. CHILD CARE CENTRE PROVIDES CARE AND EDUCATION SERVICES FOR CHILDREN BELOW THE AGE OF 3 YEARS OLD CHILD CARE CENTRES HOURS ARE FROM 8:00A.M. TO 6:00P.M. (MONDAY TO FRIDAY) AND FROM 8:00 A.M. TO 1:00P.M. ON SATURDAYS KINDERGARTEN-CUM-CHILD CARE CENTRE PROVIDES CARE AND EDUCATION SERVICES TO CHILDREN BELOW 6 YEARS OLD OCCASIONAL CHILD CARE SERVICE PROVIDES FULL-DAY, HALF-DAY OR TWO-HOUR SESSIONS IN SOME CHILD CARE CENTRES FOR CHILDREN WHOSE CAREGIVERS ARE UNABLE TO TAKE CARE OF THEM OCCASIONAL CHILD CARE SERVICES FEE: $64 FOR A FULL-DAY SESSION, $32 FOR A HALF - DAY SESSION AND $16 FOR A TWO-HOUR SESSION CHILD CARE CENTRES HOURS ARE FROM 8:00A.M. TO 6:00P.M. (MONDAY TO FRIDAY) AND FROM 8:00 A.M. TO 1:00P.M. ON SATURDAYS EXTENDED HOURS SERVICE PROVIDES CHILD CARE CENTRES TO MEET THE SOCIAL NEEDS OF FAMILIES AND WORKING PARENTS WHO NEED LONGER HOURS OF CHILD CARE ASSISTANCE. EXTENDED HOURS SERVICE: $13 PER HOUR EXTENDED HOURS SERVICE: GENERALLY FROM 6:00P.M. TO 8:00P.M. (MONDAY TO FRIDAY) AND FROM 1:00P.M. TO 3:00P.M. ON SATURDAYS. TYPES OF CHILDCARES AVAILABLE IN HONG KONG T. Bruff </li> <li> 20. Accessibility TO BE ELIGIBLE IN THE ACCESS OF CHILDCARE SERVICES IN HONG KONG THE APPLICANT MUST BE A HONG KONG RESIDENTS, RIGHT TO LAND OR VALID PERMISSION TO REMAIN WITHOUT ANY CONDITION OF STAY IN HONG KONG IN HONG KONG CHILD CARE ONLY EXISTS WITHIN THE HONG KONG ADMINISTRATIVE REGION AND IS RUN BY THE GOVERNMENT FALL IN THE CATEGORY OF LOW- INCOME FAMILIES BE LISTED ON THE WAITING LIST PRIOR TO REGISTRATION STATE T.Bruff </li> <li> 21. Types of Child Care System Picture C. Santhana </li> <li> 22. C. Santhana </li> <li> 23. Government and Child care Pre- school is perceived as the first step for education Two Government branches are responsible for pre-primary education and care. Education and Manpower Health and Welfare C.SANTHANA </li> <li> 24. Two types of Pre-school Kindergarten and Child Care Center Provided for children from age 3 to 6 years At age 2, children are eligible for nursery. At age 3, they can start Kindergarten. C.SANTHANA </li> <li> 25. Characteristics of Child Care Center Child Care centers legislation depends on child care Ordinance, and Regulations of Hong Kong Governed by Social Welfare and charitable agencies. Purpose a. Education b. Care and supervision C.SANTHANA </li> <li> 26. Training of an ECE Meets the Educational Bureau provisions Two years of education Higher program language skills are included Graduates can work as a Kindergarten teachers As a Childcare Worker Staff: Registered Supervisor, Registered child care worker, Trainee worker C.SANTHANA </li> <li> 27. Role of an ECE Plan, implement and evaluate contemporary early childhood curriculum Recognize the special needs with diverse population and suggest solution Work with parents or families in promoting home- school collaboration Offer safe and secure environment C.SANTHANA </li> <li> 28. Cont.... Responsible for the well-being of the children Carry out program activities Prepare and arrange educational materials Keep room clean and tidy and maintain equipment Perform educational and professional responsibilities in the child care setting C.SANTHANA </li> </ul>