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<ul><li> 1. Filming Schedule Filming ScheduleDatePlanning the days to film 16/12/09Film first scene (Subway, 17/12/09 Anchor scenes for beginning of The first scene of our actor song plus the first verse) entering the subway andsetting up will be shot with twocameras and 4 different shots. A point of view shot A shot in the mirror Close up Long shot. The filming will begin at 10am The scenes should be filmed by1pm. Film anchor scene for end of song 18/12/09 (last verse and actor leaving The scene of the actor leaving subway)will also be shot with twodifferent cameras and from the4 shots used for the beginningof the song. This will ensure asimilar beginning and ending The filming will begin at 1pm Chorus scene in subway18/12/09 Filming will start at 3.30pmafter a break from finishing theabove scene. The chorus willbe filmed with a: Close up of actor singing andplaying guitar A mid shot and from twoangles. One from the left andone from the right. Scene in Kingsway Bar &amp; 19/12/09 Restaurant Filming will begin at 11am. 1. Actor getting congratulated All scenes will be shot from two 2. Actor drinking at the table angles with 2 cameras. Onecamera filming the actor andone camera filming thelocation. Both scenes will be shot from ahigh angle and low angle withthe camera positioned on theleft and the right. </li></ul> <p> 2. Other shots to be included.. Long shot Zoom in to bottle Extreme close up Establishing shot, allows the audience to see that the location is a bar Scene In office of actor getting 19/12/09 sacked All filming to start 1pm because of the lighting in mid-day. (good lighting) Over the shoulder shot from both actors perspective. Street scenes20/12/091. Walking towards tree All filming need to be2. Walking after treecompleted before 4pm due to3. Drinking scene on park benchlighting outside. (tramp scene) Filming will be begin at 9:30am Shots will include Point of view Over the shoulder of actor. Close up of actor. Mid-shot of actor Both walking scenes to be shot from the same position. </p>