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<ul><li><p>April 1993 Computer Fraud &amp; Security Bulletin </p><p>Encryption laws are outdated. There really is no reason that the hackers should be made to show how they did the encryption unless it is going to be used by a US or foreign government. Murphy has said he will submit the algorithm for testing. </p><p>Mike Moeller </p><p>US airlines charged with rigging computerized fare lists </p><p>The US Justice Department has charged eight US airlines with violating antitrust statutes. The carriers are alleged to have used the computerized system maintained by the Airline Tariff Publishing Company to communicate illegally among themselves and to fix air fares. Without admitting or denying any guilt, two of the carriers - United and USAir - have agreed to end their part in this process. The other carriers insist that they have done nothing wrong and plan to fight the charges. </p><p>The Justice Department claims that the scheme was based on the advance listing of fares in the Airline Tariff Publishing Company system. The Department contends that these entries were used by the carriers to signal their marketing plans - including anticipated fare discount promotions -to their competitors. About a year ago this same system was the subject of a class action law suit by airline customers. This lawsuit was settled when six airlines agreed to distribute $458 million discount coupons to their passengers. </p><p>Be/den Menkus </p><p>Fight the smugglers to beat the pirates </p><p>Robert H, Chen, the chief counsel of </p><p>intellectual property for Acer Inc, has commented </p><p>that although the ROC government has made </p><p>strenuous efforts to control computer software piracy, the chief difficulty which remains is </p><p>controlling the smuggling of software. According to a report in The China Post, Chen commented that the US should understand the problem of </p><p>01993 Elsevier Science Publishers Ltd </p><p>smuggling pirated software in Taiwan, as the US </p><p>itself fails to control the smuggling of prohibited </p><p>drugs into its own country. Chen said that the US only has a software import inspection system, </p><p>whereas Taiwan has set up a comprehensive </p><p>software export inspection system. Chen suggested that Taiwan should establish an </p><p>intellectual property institute to assist local </p><p>companies in tackling software piracy. </p><p>Hacker needed money for university education </p><p>Kim Jae-yol, an unemployed 23-year old Korean, has been arrested on charges of </p><p>attempted fraud and forging official documents, </p><p>according to a report in Korea Newsreview. Kim is accused of hacking into systems linked with Chong Wa Dae and numerous financial </p><p>institutions. He is thought to have used private </p><p>passwords and altered the Chong Wa Dae secret </p><p>ID code to gain access to confidential bank records. Kim asked Dacom to have the </p><p>presidential offices ID number changed, which </p><p>Dacom then proceeded to do without checking </p><p>with Chong Wa Dae officials. Kim told </p><p>investigators that he had planned to withdraw large sums of money to pay for his tuition at the </p><p>University of Chicago, which was to accept Kim </p><p>as a student. </p><p>Marketplace </p><p>Cylink has launched SecureFX, a standalone </p><p>facsimile encryptor which protects sensitive documents sent by any Group 3 fax machine. The </p><p>encryptor works within the fax handshaking </p><p>procedure to secure incoming and outgoing faxes </p><p>and claims not to degrade the speed or performance of the machine. The system can be </p><p>configured to receive encrypted data only, thus eliminating junk faxes. The encryptor utilizes a </p><p>Secure Electronic Exchange of Keys (SEEK) system, which automatically transfers encrypting keys between CIDEC encryptors. For further information contact David Moseley on +44 (0)256 </p><p>468186. </p></li></ul>


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