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Applying lean and agile principles to governance ends up with a cut down series of six questions to ask at each and every decision gate; applied the same too all projects, whether at business case stage, in flight, or pre-launch.


  • 1.Fifty Shades of governance David Morris BA Development Day 2012

2. do you find governance sexy? timesunion/tablehopping/valentinesday 3. meet Fred istockphoto/lisegagne/businessmantired 4. bringing sexy back to projects vettri/terryrichardson/justintimberlakefuturesexlovesounds 5. topics gover-what? what we are talking about the fifty shades when projects go bump in the night lean governance Introducing ARGYLE, the sexy new look for projects 6. GOVER-WHAT? 7. WHAT GOVERNANCE IS 8. Governance means the laws, policies, rules, and processes of how we run our countries shutterstock/grahamprentice/beehive 9. how we run our state or city photobucket/gcholman/schwarzenegger I told you Id be back 10. how we operate our businesses alpinevillaretreat/conferenceroom/boardtable 11. in fact, its how all our processes are regulated and controlled paper/davidjcmorris/IDEF0 12. that includes change processes cpsu/dmo/changemanagement in other words governance is how everything is regulated, not especially projects ... however, this talk is about how it applies to change initiatives and projects 13. balancing delegation of authority with assurance it is wielded wisely authority assurances 14. oversight and support is many-layered many opportunities for bloat paper/davidjcmorris/wrappers authority assurances 15. WHY THIS MATTERS TO BUSINESS ANALYSTS 16. business analysis tasks are usually directed by governance paper/davidjcmorris/badirected 17. or focused on complying with governance paper/davidjcmorris/bacomplying 18. at senior levels, opportunities to operate governance processes paper/davidjcmorris/bacontributing 19. or even help define governance paper/davidjcmorris/badefining 20. either way, a lot of what we do is tied up with governance paper/davidjcmorris/governance 21. THE FIFTY SHADES 22. shades are visitors from the underworld istockphoto/lisegagne/ghost 23. shades are what suck life from our projects istockphoto/lisegagne/ghost 24. Are there really fifty? flickr/fabiolug/number50a actually, there are hundreds of problems, however we can group and summarise these easily into fifty shades 25. The types of shade benefits defining scoping tracking protecting oversight monitoring assuring authorising decisions approval intervening readying closing people culture champions capability assignments 26. defining benefits bigstockphoto/lambroskazan/benefitdictionary 27. Oversight 28. Decisions 29. People 30. YES, THAT WAS 50! 31. cruel and unusual treatment 32. WHAT CAN WE DO ABOUT IT? 33. were just a humble BA 34. WHAT WE LEARNED FROM LEAN/AGILE PRACTICES 35. eliminate waste wordpress/aubreydanielsblog/budgetwaste 36. improve flow deviantart/michaeljtr/wildwaterflow 37. reduce burden wordpress/totallycoolpix/overloaded 38. do not exceed the stated dose wordpress/acutakehealth/littlebluepills 39. tell me where to sign 40. LEAN SIX-STEPARGYLE 41. Gates are decision points davidjcmorris/standardNDP 42. What are the key questions bigstockphoto/ajvngou/burningquestion 43. time and cost paper/davidjcmorris/timemoney 44. first three questions paper/davidjcmorris/desirabilityfeasibilityviability 45. priorities paper/davidjcmorris/priority 46. typical governance process 47. turn everything on its head 48. simplify 49. simplify paper/davidjcmorris/gateswithingates 50. paper/davidjcmorris/argyle 51. ARGYLE within the NPD paper/davidjcmorris/argylenpd 52. it works for me 53. How to implement it where you work 54. Thanks!/DavidJCMorris