Few features in IOS 8 for developers

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Few features in IOS 8 for developers


<ul><li> 1. iOS 8 iOS 8 sdk having more than 4000 new APIs, i have listed below few APIs that we could oftenly interact with. These APIs let you create innovative apps and amazing user interface, iOS 8 transparency user interface makes user keeps engaging with apps. SpriteKit, SceneKit and Metal apis are really cakewalk for creating addictive games in iOS. PhotoKit Custom Image Picker Full-Featured photo library browser and editor ALAssetsLibrary will provide access photos and video assets,albums and moments Add, remove, modify assets and albums Edit video content and metadata HomeKit HomeKit is a framework in iOS 8 for communicating with and controlling connected accessories in a user's home. You can enable users to discover HomeKit accessories in their home and configure them, or you can create actions to control those devices. Users can group actions together and trigger them using Siri. Access device state Notifies of changes </li> <li> 2. Recognized by Siri Services 1. Garage door openers 2. Lights 3. Door locks 4. Thermostats 5. IP Camera controls 6. Switches 7. Custom Characteristics 1. Power state 2. Lock state 3. Target state 4. Brightness 5. Model number 6. Current temperature 7. Custom HealthKit HealthKit apps provides health and fitness services to share their data to third party health app. Users health information stored into centralized and secure location. Core Location Core Location new functionality will provide automatic check-in or journal user's location. User can change preferences in location services settings Continuous Updates having following types of preferences </li> <li> 3. 1. Location 2. Background Location 3. Ranging Apps explicitly request authorization, Dialog will only be presented once text is customizable by developers. iCloudKit CloudKit provides online storage for iOS and X OS devices Its easily store data into Cloud storage through Core Data CloudKit having containers for each app separately Containers having two types of database private and public database Database updation has been done by segment base so there is no data loss. Predictive Keyboard Developers are able to create new keyboards you can install and use systemwide. Once they are available, you can choose your favorite input method or layout. TableView self sizing UITableViewCell. +[UIFont preferredFontForTextStyle:] we use this class method for self sizing UITableViewCell. In settings font size has been increased same way in our tableview content label font also increased and tableview rowHeight also adjusted accordingly. </li> <li> 4. In ios 8 we should not use rowHeight, we supposed to use estimatedRowHeight. Ref Url : http://www.apple.com/in/ios/developer/ </li> </ul>