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Google Analytics FeaturesFacts of Google AnalyticsGoogle Analytics is the most popular Web Analytics tool in the world.Google Analytics is installed on at least 10 million websites. Google Analytics is used by 64% of the Top 500 US Retailers. Google Analytics is used by 45% of Fortune 500 companies. Google Analytics is used by 55.9% of the top 1 million domains.Google Analytics works in 40 Different languages.

These facts are identified by Alexa.

All of these metrics combine to give Google Analytics a web analytics platform market share of over 82%!Data: Collected From NeboAgency2Google Analytics Architecture?

3Feature of Google AnalyticsAdvanced SegmentsRemarketingExperimentsMulti-Channel FunnelsMatched Search QueriesBenchmarkingReverse Goal PathCost AnalysisBehaviors Under Audience 4Feature of Google Analytics - Advanced Segments What it is?

One of the most popular and powerful features in Google Analytics is Advanced Segmentation. It lets you isolate and analyze subsets of your traffic. You can select from predefined segments such as "Paid Traffic" and "Visits with Conversions" or create your own segments with a flexible, easy-to-use segment builder.


Advanced Segmentation lets you break down all your Google Analytics visitor data into manageable chunks.Select from predefined custom segments or easily create your own.Apply a segment to all past traffic so that you can dig into your data and get valuable insights to improve your future campaigns and online experiences.

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5 Advanced Segments Report Example

6Feature of Google Analytics - Remarketing

What it is?

Google remarketing allows advertisers to engage with users who were once on your website.

It is completely for AdWords Display campaign. Remarketing with Google Analytics lets you use data and metrics to create lists of site visitors, then automatically share those lists with AdWords to show ads across the Google Display Network.

This was integrated within Google in 2012.


Remarketing with Google Analytics can help you increase conversions by reaching the right audience, all across the web.It help to gather the remarketing lists. Analytics Remarketing lists are for display campaigns only.

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7Feature of Google Analytics - Content Experiments

What it is?

A Google feature that helps to create a tasting of two version of landing pages. In general terms we can say this is similar to split testing or A/B.


A Java Script Code- is need to install before starting experiment page.


Compare how different web pages or app screens perform using a random sample of your users.

No need to setup manual page testing.

Ease in tracking of multisession of pages.

Reporting and analysis of page testing is simple

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8Content Experiment Report Example

9Feature of Google Analytics - Multi-Channel Funnels

What it is?

Multi Channel Funnels tells that how your marketing channels (i.e., sources of traffic to your website) work together to create sales and conversions because there are different marketing involves in conversion. This feature was integrated within Google analytics in 2011.


Ease to track the exact source of particular conversions.

Ease to analysis particular campaign performance in order to improve their efficiency.

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10Feature of Google Analytics - Matched Search Queries

What it is?

The matched search query report in Google Analytics allows you to see the search phrases users typed into Google to trigger your paid AdWords keywords.

This only becomes useful if your AdWords campaign uses phrase or broad match terms.

To get this data link your Analytics and AdWords account .


Makes ease to track exact search terms typed from visitors.

Helps in finding the potential keywords.

Helps in finding the best negative and feck click keywords.

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11Feature of Google Analytics - Benchmarking

What it is?

Benchmarking allows you to compare your data with aggregated industry data from other companies who share their data. This provides valuable context, helping you to set meaningful targets, gain insight into trends occurring across your industry, and find out how you are doing compared to your competition.

Benchmarking reporting is coming for three categories Channels, Location, and Device.

Currently, only 1600 industries are listed their data in Google Analytics.


Marketer can compare their campaigns performance with their competitors which have shared their data with Google.

Ease to compare that which source is not performing well.

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12Feature of Google Analytics Reverse Goal Path

What it is?

Sometimes, though, there isnt a clear path. On this site, for example, we have a contact form that doesnt just appear on one page, it appears in lots of pages, and this isnt an uncommon feature of lead generation sites. Likewise, sometimes people say things like, Well, page X is our goal. But you can actually get here either by going A > B > X, or by A > P > Q > X, depending on what options you choose. How do we know which way people got to X?

The Reverse Goal Path is a report that helps fill in these details. Youll find it under Conversions > Goals in the left-hand navigation in Google Analytics, and like all the goal reports, you can select a particular goal you want to see from the drop-down at the top.


Ease in tracking of complete path of conversion.

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13Feature of Google Analytics - Cost Analysis

What it is?

This is completely for paid campaigns. The Cost Analysis report shows session, cost, and revenue performance data for your paid non-Google marketing channels. The report compares the cost of each campaign with its associated revenue (from ecommerce and/or goal value) to calculate ROAS (Return on Ad Spend) and RPC (Revenue per Click).


Ease in monitoring paid campaign revenue and performance. Ease in campaign cost analysis.

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14Feature of Google Analytics - Behaviors Under Audience

What it is?The Behavior section includes detailed category reports New vs. Returning Visitors, Frequency & Recency and Engagement.

These reports tell you more about how often a visitor comes to your website,

how many days on average it is between sessions for repeat visitors?

how long visitors stay on your website and how many pages they visit while theyre there.

It Reports in 3 ways:

News Vs Returning Visitors.Frequency & RecencyEngagement


Helps to analyze the exact nature and behavior of customer.Helps in analysis of pages engagements pattern of customer.

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