FAMILY LIFE EDUCATION - Power - Establishing Your Authority as a Parent ... It will address establishing reasonable boundaries ... choosing effective discipline

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<ul><li><p>January - August 2016 Call 734.384.41278</p><p>FAMILY LIFE EDUCATIONThe following are quick topics designed to provide bite-sized information for parents on the go. The curriculum is provided by Training on Prevention Services (TOPS) and The National Parent Academy (NPA), a service organization providing training and prevention services since 2005. The trainers are curriculum-certified trainers and educators, counselors and life coaches skilled in conveying parent information, support and resources to help parents attain their goals. </p><p>All sessions are free and open to the public but registration is required. Please call the Office of Lifelong Learning at 734.384.4127 to register and secure your spot. </p><p>Please join us for an enjoyable evening that will focus on very timely topics for all parents. Let us help you navigate through the issues of life and provide some reassurance that you are not alone.</p><p>Parenting Power - Establishing Your Authority as a ParentThis course helps parents understand their role as the authority in their child's life and how their personal authority can influence a child to desire and attain successful outcomes throughout their lives. It will address establishing reasonable boundaries while fostering independence and creativity. Topics include: establishing authority as a parent, choosing effective discipline techniques, encouraging motivation in children, understanding how parenting patterns in the early years set a course for the future, and raising children of character.CHILD 739-81 FreeWednesday Feb. 176 8 p.m. Z 257 Staff</p><p>Feeling FrazzledStress affects everyone! This class will give you helpful hints on dealing with stress and ways to navigate successfully through the process. We will deal with issues such as self-esteem and self-concept and how they impact our levels of stress and how to recognize and help your children handle stress as well.CHILD 731-81 FreeWednesday Mar. 96 8 p.m. Z 271 Staff</p><p>NEW!Helping Children Learn How to Handle CompetitionBut I Want to Win!!!Parents will learn how competition develops in children and develop a better understanding of both the positive and negative aspects of competition. Parents will also learn ways to help children handle competition in a healthy way using it to assist them in effectively achieving goals, without anxiety. We will also discuss ways to channel competitive attributes to create positive outcomes for themselves and others.CHILD 749-81 FreeWednesday Apr. 136 8 p.m. Z 259 Staff</p><p>NEW!"You Can Do It" - Encouraging Motivation in ChildrenThis class helps parents understand the concept of motivation. We will discuss how to recognize the symptoms of lack of motivation in children and adults; How to develop parenting skills for encouraging motivation in children, and the potential impact of praise, encouragement, incentives and personal responsibility on achievement. What we want is to see the child in pursuit of knowledge, and not knowledge in pursuit of the child. (George Bernard Shaw)CHILD 750-81FreeWednesday May 186 8 p.m. Z 259 Staff</p></li></ul>


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