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Family Fun Day Speech Bubbles


<ul><li> 1. Its so exciting because youcan meet many friendsthere. </li></ul> <p> 2. It was so fun! 3. I didnt go to the Family Fun Day because Ididnt feel likeit. 4. It was very fun and I want to goagain. We paid to put people in jail. Iput Daichi in jail.You can decidewho you can put in jail. 5. Weplayedlots of games. 6. It was fun to play with shaving cream!! 7. Yes therewas internationalfood. Therewas an international buffet! 8. We didnt go to theFamily Fun Day becausewe went to church. 9. It was scary because I got lost!Somebody even pushed me and I gotlost. 10. The international food wasbetter than my home food. 11. It was funwatchingtheBand Aidconcert. </p>