Fall Family Fun Day

Post on 07-Jan-2016




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Fall Family Fun Day at Pinball Perfection


  • Join us on Saturday, October 24th, for

    West Views Fall Family Fun Day!

    This year we will be welcoming in fall at

    Pinball Perfection

    located at 231 Perry Highway (horseshoe bend)

    on Saturday, October 24th,

    from 3 pm 5 pm.

    The cost is $5 a person for all you can play

    and light refreshments.

    If you have any questions, please contact

    Colleen Mollenauer at 412-931-6777


    Please let us know you are attending by returning this section in an envelope marked

    PINBALL to your childs homeroom by Tuesday, October 20th

    Students Name:________________________ Homeroom Teacher:____________________

    Total Number of People Attending: ______ x $5 per person for a total of $________*

    *if paying by check, please make the check out to West View PTA