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Facebook recently released an app for page owners/admin... just a review of its features


  • ReviewFacebook iApp for Page Owners

  • Facebook recently released an app only for page managers! It is targeted to page owners only and provides some assistance when the community manager is on the go! This app can be downloaded from a page itself by its admin, its not available on the app store at all!

  • Simple app where the manager can see the page, write simple text updates and share a picture at a time!

  • Insights

    Bare MinimumGood for a quick look!

  • Individual Post Insights

    Shows individual post popularity

  • Page View Filter

    A useful filter that lets the manager quickly view the various recent posts on the page - by page admins, fans and those marked spam!

  • Notifications

    Similar to a Facebook profile, the notifications - page likes, messages or other stuff highlighted on the top bar!

  • Multiple Pages A sidebar similar to the

    common Facebook app but only to shift between different pages

    It also provide a few page backend features like insights and admin management

    Best part is the manager can respond to messages on the fly!

  • SynopsisIts a good app to start with. Its great use when the manager checks the page to see whats going on. Some q's it answers,

    Has the recent post by the other admin been published?

    What views, response its got? Have fans posted any customer queries via wall

    post, comment or message?

  • It's good to keep check on what's happening on the page but needs many upgrades to make it a publishing tool for the manager! Some features sorely missed,

    Create and add to picture albumsCovering an event with the iPad is impossible on Facebook. Each new pic has to be made as a separate update. For a colorful event like say the Rio Mardi Gras the only way to cover the event would be with many photo albums. Uploading one pic at a time would be slow and not up to the mark!

    iPad version - its quite awful working with the dingy iPhone app on the bigger iPad screen!

    Features - polls, video, link attachment is shoddy or not there at all!

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