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Eye On: Micro VideosEye On: Micro Videos Instagram vs. Vine. Vol 2, Issue 6, June 2013 Leo Burnett Worldwide Contact: Marina Molenda (312-220-5465), Jake Setlak (312.220.4005), or Joe Kehoe (312.220.1459)"Eye On: Micro Videos Instagram vs Vine On June 20, 2013 Facebook launched video capabilities on its popular photo-sharing app Instagram. This product enhancement gives Facebook an offering that is competitive with Twitters Vine app. ""At a base level, both apps produce the same end product: micro videos. However, Instagram offers longer recording times and several video enhancement capabilities. This feature comparison chart shows how the apps stack up against each other:"Key Strategic Questions Brands Should Consider""Why should I use micro videos?"Video is a great way to provide visual content in a more interesting way than still photography. However, sometimes longer-format videos (such as those on YouTube or Vimeo) are not necessary, or are resource prohibitive. This is where micro videos can be a great alternative. They are perfect for the quick, bite-sized consumption behaviors exhibited on many social media platforms.""What type of content is this good for?"Creativity is key to producing engaging and stand-out video content. Brands are continuing to find new and interesting ways to use micro videos. Examples include:"""""""Which micro video app should I use?"This depends on two things: your content needs and your audience. Think about the length of video you need to tell your story, and if you need editing capabilities. Consider which apps and social networks your target audience is using and focus your strategy there.""An agency update will be sent out with guidelines on how brands should be using either micro video app in their marketing efforts in the near future."" Vine" Instagram"Video Capture" Must be done within app; Can do continuous or stop-motion video"Saves video copy to phone" Yes (with sound)" Yes (with sound)"Video Length Limit" 6 seconds" 15 seconds"Sound" Yes" Yes"Playback" Continuous loop" Must press play to replay"Filters" No" Yes"Editing Capabilities" No" Yes (delete segment, thumbnail)"Video Stabilization" No" Yes"Shared Video Displays Best On" Twitter" Facebook"Advertising" Not available in app; Tweets with Vine videos can be Promoted Tweets"Not available in app; Facebook posts with Instagram videos can be sponsored posts"Verified Accounts" Yes" No"Shareable Within App" Twitter, Facebook" Facebook (inline), Twitter (link only)" Education/trivia" Product demos & unboxings" Hacks, how-tos, tips" Behind the scenes" Recipes" Q & A"