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exetreme imagination is Exeter's festival of writing for and by young people, taking place from 25 Oct to 1 November 2014. The family fun day takes place on November 1.


<ul><li><p>exetreme.org</p><p>exetreme family fun day part of exetreme imagination, </p><p>Exeter's festival of writing for and by young people25 Oct to 1 Nov 2014</p><p>SAT1 NOV 20 14</p></li><li><p>exetreme family fun daypart of exetreme imagination, </p><p>Exeter s festival of writing for and by young people. </p><p>Look out for the full festival programme and book online at exetreme.org</p><p>The Carousel Storytale Tour 9am - 12pm FREE Exeter Childrens Library</p><p>The Sagittarius of the Second 10.30am FREE RAMM</p><p>Tortoise &amp; the Hare: making a meal of storytelling</p><p>12pm 10 (7) The Bike Shed Theatre</p><p>The Sagittarius of the Second 1.30pm FREE RAMM</p><p>Movies, Monsters, Magic and Murder with author Tanya Landman</p><p>2pm FREE Exeter Library, Rougemont Room</p><p>Tortoise &amp; the Hare: making a meal of storytelling</p><p>2.30pm &amp; 5pm</p><p>10 (7) The Bike Shed Theatre</p><p>City Centre events for families</p><p>SAT1 NOV 20 14</p><p>University of Exeter campus events for families</p><p>Creative Workshops for the whole familyHourly drop-in event, featuring creative writing opportunities, arts and music workshops, plus live storytelling. For all ages. </p><p>10am - 4pm FREE Exeter Northcott Theatre &amp; The Forum</p><p>The Story Exchange, open performances with Theatre Rush</p><p>10am, 12pm &amp; 2.30pm</p><p>FREE The Forum</p><p>Georges Marvelous Medicine Community arts workshop</p><p>10.30am, 12pm &amp; 2.30pm</p><p>FREE Exeter Northcott Theatre</p><p>Bad Boys: Dennis the Menace Vs Horrid HenryJoin authors Francesca Simon and Steven Butler in this contest to see who will be crowned King of the Bad Boys.</p><p>11am 7 (5) Exeter Northcott Theatre</p><p>Dogs Dont Do Ballet plus post-show talk with Anna Kemp*</p><p>*2pm &amp; 6pm 12 (Family 33)</p><p>Exeter Northcott Theatre</p><p>Working in partnership with Exeter's arts &amp; culture organisations </p><p>WITH SUPPORT FROM</p><p>Desi</p><p>gn &amp;</p><p> Illu</p><p>stra</p><p>tion </p><p>by N</p><p>ia G</p><p>ould</p><p> | ni</p><p>aski</p><p>.co.</p><p>uk Exetrem</p><p>eImaginationExeter</p><p>@exetrem</p><p>e14 </p></li></ul>