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Fall 2013 / Spring 2014

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About Eversnap Eversnap is the #1 photo/video sharing app for capturing the entire event experience...and it's FREE. Available on iPhone, Android, Web, mobile web, and SMS. Eversnap has been used at over 50,000 events ranging from weddings and bar mitzvahs to bachelor parties and adventure expeditions. Guests and attendees can share their photos to an album for the organizers and others to see. Eversnap solves the universal problem for Moms & Dads, Event organizers, hiking coordinators, bachelorette/bachelors, and wedding couples everywhere....how do we collect all of the photos and videos from our event? Eversnap Features: Eversnap - Real-time Live Stream - Commenting and liking photos - Get Notifications when new photos/videos are added to the album - Multiple event albums - Photo filtering - Unlimited guests - Hashtag Aggregation- Draw in photos from Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest that are hash-tagged. THE WEB - Order prints - Upload photos or videos from a variety of devices and record them via our app. - A real time live slideshow of what's happening from the guests viewpoint. - Commenting - Watermarking with logos. - Download your high-resolution album for printing. - We host all your content for life. - Create your own high quality custom invite cards. Eversnap How To. 1) Create Your Album 2) Invite Guests via SMS/Text, Email, Facebook, or directly from your address book. 3) Capture and enjoy the moments throughout the event and after for years to come. Specialties Group Photo Video, Events, Branding, Marketing, Fan Engagement


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Fall 2013 / Spring 2014

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Proud partner of

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What is Eversnap?Eversnap is an app that allows users to share and collect photos and

videos in private or public albums.

Users on any platform can create an album and invite friends and gueststo contribute, view, like, and share photos.

Eversnap users have created over 50,000+ event albums for events ranging fromHarley Davidson and Microsoft Corporate events to hiking trips with friends and family.



AndroidMobile Web

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About EversnapEversnap was originally formed as Wedding Snap in April 2012 to help wedding couples share their memories and photos with their guests.

After helping 5,000+ weddings in over 4,000 cities of 50+ countries, Wedding Snap was rebranded to Eversnap in June 2013 to cater to all event needs. Eversnap has been used at over 50,000 events

such as Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Nightclubs, Corporate Events, Hiking Trips, Weddings, Reunions, & Music Festivals.

Through Eversnap you’ll engage your friends, family, and event attendees in a way they’ll love. You’ll differentiate yourself from the rest of the pack, and drive more traffic to your next event.

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ClientsMeet some of our happy clients

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Feedback from users

As featured in

I’d get married again just so I could use Eversnap again. Very Pleased!Tony Rocco Vinton, Los Angeles, CA

Eversnap truly made our day! We were thrilled to share every moment with our guests, near and far!Sarah Roberts, Greece, NY

Thank you Eversnap! Your app helped me collect over 600 photos within 3 days of our wedding!Kristine Leon Coma, Los Angeles, CA




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How Eversnap Works

1. Create an albumCollect photos from all your friends in one, easy to access album.

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How Eversnap Works

2. Invite attendeesLet them do the same. Engage people.

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How Eversnap Works

3. Attendees submit their photos & videosShowcase the event and engage attendees.

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How Eversnap Works

4. Customers promote your brand

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Retargeting Users




SMS text and Eversnap app notifications get as high as a 94% open rate.

Simply post a photo or video with an advertisment speaking directly to past attendees, and watch yourself get higher conversions.

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Data Collection

Target future attendees similar to past events

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Twitter & Instagram Hashtag Aggregation

If your event has Twitter & Instagram hashtags, Eversnap can automatically aggregate those photos into your Eversnap album.

Instagram Twitter

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Text photos to an Album

Without signing up or downloading the app, your guests can text their photos directly to the album.

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Embed Album to Show on Your Website

Eversnap Photos

Your Site

Bring attendee traffic back to your website by embedding the event album into your own website. It’s like a live-stream of your event photos on your own website.

<iframe width=”420” height=”315”src=”//www.eversnapapp.com/embed/K7AZtSU6nAg” frameborder=”0” allowfullscreen></iframe>

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Engage your attendees

“The more photos you add, the more chances to win”

Make your event a success. Spread the word.

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• generate buzz (the viral effect)• Live Moderated Slideshow All the guests’ photos on the big-screen in real-time.• Co-branding to maximize exposure• Monetize your attendees• Increase revenue from event sponsors• Learn about your target audience• Drive more qualified customers to your door

Eversnap for Entertainment

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Generate buzz and make more money from event

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Eversnap for Weddings• Collect all your guests’ photos in one, easy-to-access album as the wedding is happening• Share memories across all your social media channels• Make your experience memorable with a Live Moderated Slideshow • Professional Photo-retouching of your album• Order high-quality prints with one click

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Corporate Events & Conferences

• generate buzz about your company• Engage your team• Share ideas• Build your network• gather all event photos to be shared internally or for new marketing initiatives

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Eversnap for DJs

• Live Moderated Slideshow to drive attendee engagement• Unlimited storage forever• Unlimited album members• Create viral buzz through ALL social media channels

• Co- brand images for sponsorship opportunities• Target your biggest fans with smart social media data• Private/public albums• Extremely high photo resolution

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Everyone’s photos projected on the big screen.


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Eversnap for Nightclubs

• Leverage your brand advocates• Increase your revenue via co- branded images and sponsorship• Engage your fanbase through social media• Create unique hashtags for your events• Create viral campaigns & contests (best dressed, hottest couple, best costume, etc)

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Featured InHuffington Post“Makes sure you won’t miss a single moment of your wedding... Genius.”http://goo.gl/IC4s8 • http://goo.gl/2HVfxj

New York Times“Guests are encouraged to take photos so the bride and groom can capture everyone’s special memories.”http://goo.gl/Cqd4Va • http://goo.gl/KdyPt

TechCrunch“Wedding Snap Rebrands, Launches Group Photo & Video Sharing Service Eversnap.”http://goo.gl/YQwAc

Mobile Beat Magazine Eversnap collects all 500+ Photos/Videos at Mobile Beat DJ Conference 2013http://goo.gl/RcIpBb

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Featured InThe #1 Wedding Photo-Sharing App

Wedding WireBride’s Choice Award of 2013http://goo.gl/5lkC0u

Four Weddings TV ShowHit National Television Show on TLC Networkhttp://goo.gl/zVUvOZ

THV 11 & AT&T Names Eversnap as Top Wedding App of 2013http://goo.gl/x4qB8n

Bridal Guide Magazine, Easy to Use Wedding Photo Sharing Apps“Since this innovative app’s launch last year, over a million photos and videos have been shared in 15 countries worldwide…the ultimate photo sharing app”http://goo.gl/non94V

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Featured InEversnap in Over 4000 U.S. Cities & Over 50 Countries Worldwide

Australia, Cosmopolitan Bride Magazine: Appily Ever After“...no need for you to buy disposable cameras for each guest table...too easy!”http://goo.gl/q8m3Qy

South Africa, The Pretty Blog: 10 Must Have Wedding Related Apps“This is why we love Wedding Snap {Eversnap}.”http://goo.gl/X6WAIY

Ireland, One Fab Day Blog: 9 Essential Wedding Apps“....the wedding app for collecting all those photos and videos from your guests to make sure you catch all those fun moments your guests enjoyed at the wedding and see the day as they enjoyed it…”http://goo.gl/oXrWQu

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