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QUESTION 2 How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts?

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QUESTION 2How effective is the combination of

your main product and ancillary texts?

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This is our completed digipak…

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and this is our finished poster advertisement…

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Colour Scheme

The colour scheme of our ancillary products fits well with our music video - we have used many black and white edits throughout, which fits with the black and white features of our digipak. We thought this effect connoted mystery and strength which is what we want to present through all of our products. The sections of colour we have picked out in our digipak (for example the blue and gold), and poster tie in with the rest of our music video, as we kept it in colour to have a range of shots.

Black & White Video Shots

Colour Video Shots

Advert Poster


Our poster advertisement colours also fit with our music video, as the colours of this image are bold and striking, much like the colour shots in the video – we thought this reflected the personality of the artist.

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Fonts We decided to use the font ‘Augustus’ throughout all of our ancillary products and music video to link all our pieces together and keep it consistent. Using the same font throughout keeps a strong brand identity, and is something that the audience can relate with the artist. We feel the font ‘Augustus’ is effective as it is simple and easy to read, without being too boring and plain.

We kept the font colours either black or white throughout , again for consistency. Additionally, black or white font doesn’t clash with the bold colours of our images and doesn’t take away from the black and white edit of some of our photos (e.g. on the digipak). However, we decided to add a gold coloured font on the digipak song list, as this links to the gold colour of the mask on the album cover image and ties everything together nicely. This also allows us to highlight ‘Run The World’, which is the title of the album, and separates the numbers from the words – this adds a creative twist.

Font Used on the Music Video

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Advert Poster – Costume

Here are some images of every costume included in our music video.

We wanted to portray a strong image of a confident woman through our music video and ancillary products, therefore we knew that the right costume was a crucial part of conveying this. The costume choices from the music video are bold and daring, for example, fishnet tights with a leotard and black heels. We thought this type of confidence needed to be displayed through our digipak and poster also, so we decided to use the leather jacket in both ancillary products. Similar costume choice for the ancillary products and music video ties everything in perfectly, as clothing is a huge part of how an artist presents themselves. This also allows the audience to connect all the products, as they will think of the song/music video when they see the poster or digipak.

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Hair and Make UpDigipak & Poster

Music Video

We decided to keep the hair and make up looks similar for our music video and ancillary products – we did this by using the purple lip colour (seen in the video) on the poster look, and by using the red lip colour (also used in the video) on our digipak image. We also used similar hairstyles on the poster and digipak as in the video, again to achieve consistency and to give the artist a signature look for the audience to relate to.

We decided to go for less heavy eye make up for the poster and digipak as we wanted the audience to be able to connect with the artist fully, and we felt that a heavy, dark eye look was more suited to the drama of the music video. However, we feel all of our products still link together as we have created a distinctive image that our artist portrays at all times.

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LocationThe Warehouse & Carr Mill Dam

Advert Poster

To make sure our advertisement linked with our music video, we decided to shoot at the warehouse to capture the same vibe for the poster that the music video carries. The poster has the same grungy and run down look that is shown in the video, and the audience can relate the two to each other. The same location also provides the same colour scheme which could not be achieved elsewhere.


For the digipak, we decided to shoot in the studio to achieve a professional looking image. We understand the location is different, however other factors help our digipak to link with our music video, such as colour scheme as previously mentioned.

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Editing Digipak & Poster


We decided to use all the same editing techniques throughout all of our products such as brightness, contrast, hue and saturation as we knew this would make the images and footage look consistent. This also adds a slick and polished look to our work to make it seem as professional as possible and of a high standard. We knew that if we didn’t use the same edits on all our products, some of them wouldn’t look as finished as others. For example, if we didn’t use brightness and contrast on the poster or digipak, they wouldn’t have looked like they fit with the main music video, which doesn’t achieve a consistent look.

Music Video Editing

The above images show how we edited our music video clips. We altered the colour of some clips by picking out mainly red, blue or green, (as well as altering brightness and contrast) which ties in with the vibrant colours of our advertisement.

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