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<ul><li><p>The European Union: The United States of Europe </p><p> Sign the petition New Europe: https://</p><p></p></li><li><p>The European Union: The United States of Europe Since the fall of the Roman Empire in A.D. 476, European peoples and leaders have dreamed of unifying Europe to stop wars and conflicts among European nations and states and to leave in peace and prosperity. </p><p>Great conquerors like Charlemagne and Napoleon, not mentioning Hitler, tried but failed. Two disastrous world wars in the 20th century almost demolished Europe. </p><p>After World War II, many European leaders sought a new way to prevent war from ever taking place again on their continent, seeking for the United States of Europe, the European state, the European federation, and Federal Europe, the unification of Europe as a single sovereign federation of states, similar to the United States of America. </p><p>Winston Churchill's speech after the Second World War called for "a sort of United States of Europe", a precursor to the concept of a European superstate, the European integration with a common fiscal policy, a common debt and a common military, among other things. </p><p>Since World War II, Europe has grown more unified, emerging now as the European Union, a hybrid system of intergovernmentalism and supranationalism, but not as a truly United States of Europe. </p><p>Today, the European Union is "a free association of sovereign states to further their shared aims". It is led by the Treaty on European Union (TEU) and the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union (TFEU). The TEU forms the basis of EU law, establishes the European Union on the basis of the European Community, sets out general principles of the EU's purpose, the governance of its key institutions, as well as the rules on external, foreign and security policy. </p><p>Such a Union has no current policy to create either a federation or a confederation of nations, but confirm their commitment to progress towards "ever closer union" among the peoples and Member States of the European Community as expressed in the Solemn Declaration on European Union. </p><p>The EU's main supranational institutions consist of: </p><p>The Commission, to propose legislation and to reach for European unification. </p><p>The Council of Ministers, to vote on EU legislation and policies and to retain national sovereignty. </p></li><li><p>The European Parliament, a co-decision maker with the Council of Ministers, but cannot propose legislation. </p><p>The European Council of national heads of government, foreign ministers, and representatives of the Commission to set the EU agenda, acting as a board of directors. </p><p>The European Court of Justice, to make rulings on EU treaties and laws and decide disputes among EU institutions, member nations, corporations, and individuals. </p><p>The European Central Bank, the central bank for the euro and administers monetary policy of the Eurozone consisting of 19 EU member states, to maintain price stability within the Eurozone, with the exclusive right to authorise the issuance of euro banknotes. </p><p>The European Court of Auditors, to externally check the budget of the European Union, in that EU funds have been spent legally and with sound management. </p><p>In the EU, the sovereign nation-state has dominated Europe, the key political decisions are made by national governments and parliaments. </p><p>As a result, there is widespread disagreement today on the future of the European Union: if the European Union will continue as it is, as it now functions and operates? Should it go backward to an association of conflicting sovereign nations? Or, should it become a federal union, a United States of Europe? </p><p>The people of Europe will have to decide what sort of EU they want to live in, both themselves and future generations. </p><p>In fact, there are good prospects and geopolitical necessity for real union, political, social and economic. The member states of the European Union have many common policies within the European Union (EU): a common executive (the European Commission), a single High Representative for the Common Foreign and Security Policy, a common European Security and Defence Policy, a supreme court (European Court of Justice in matters of European Union law), a common Eurozone, a common research area, a peacekeeping force (Eurofor), etc. </p><p>According to Eurobarometer, 69% of citizens of the EU were in favour of direct elections of the President of the European Commission; 46% were supporting the creation of a united EU army. Two thirds think that the EU should make decisions on foreign policy. More than half of respondents - that the EU should also make decisions on defense. Majority of respondents support the future development of the European Union as a federation of </p></li><li><p>nation states. A large majority of the people support the development of the EU into a federation of nation states (56% versus 27%). Today is more evident that the EU stands in need of a single development policy and strategy, a single constitution, a single government, a single foreign policy, a single economy, a single market, a single taxation system, a single society, a single research and development space, a single military, and a single European justice system. </p><p>Rome Declaration of the leaders of 27 member states and of the European Council, the European Parliament and the European Commission mainly commits to the United Vision of Future Europe. </p><p>1. A smart and digital Europe, an Innovation Union of Smart Public Policy, EU Institutes, Smart Growth, Smart Member States, Smart Cities and Communities, Smart Infrastructure, Smart Industry, Smart Commerce and Business, Smart Energy, Smart Transportation, Smart Telecommunications, Smart Future Internet, IoT, and IoE, Smart Education, Science, Technology, Research &amp; Development &amp; Innovation, Smart Safety and Security, Smart Defense, Smart Healthcare, Smart Youth. Smart Environment, Smart Space </p><p>2. A safe and secure Europe: a Union where all citizens feel safe and can move freely, where our external borders are secured, with an efficient, responsible and sustainable migration policy, respecting international norms; a Europe determined to fight terrorism and organised crime 3. A prosperous and sustainable Europe: a Union which creates growth and jobs; a Union where a strong, connected and developing Single Market, embracing technological transformation, and a stable and further strengthened single currency, open avenues for growth, cohesion, competitiveness, innovation and exchange, especially for small and medium-sized enterprises; a Union promoting sustained and sustainable growth, through investment, structural reforms and working towards completing the Economic and Monetary Union; a Union where economies converge; a Union where energy is secure and affordable and the environment clean and safe 4. A social Europe: a Union which, based on sustainable growth, promotes economic and social progress as well as cohesion and convergence 5. A stronger Europe on the global scene </p><p>The Declaration concludes "We have united for the better. Europe is our common future", which is the Unites States of Europe: Smart, Secure, Strong, Social, Sustainable EUROPE. A United States of Europe is more than ever necessary to face the dangers of the world situation and destructive geopolitical risks of the Brexit-like desintegration. </p><p>Support this petition to have a smart, safe and great future for a common European state, its cities and communities, to have sustainable living for our families and future generations. </p><p>1. Declaration of the leaders of 27 member states and of the European Council, the European Parliament and the European Commission </p><p></p></li><li><p>2. European Commission - Speech State of the Union Address 2016: Towards a better Europe - a Europe that protects, empowers and defends </p><p>3. EU XXI: from the EU to a United States of Europe (USE). INTELLIGENT SUPERPOWER: a Smart, Secure, Strong, Social, Sustainable EUROPE (5sEU) </p><p>SMART EUROPE SUPERSTATES GLOBAL INITIATIVE </p><p> </p><p> </p><p> </p><p> </p><p> </p><p> </p><p> </p><p> </p><p> </p><p> </p><p> </p><p> </p><p> </p><p> </p><p> </p><p> </p><p>Sign the petition New Europe: </p><p></p></li></ul>


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