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Why did we pick The Sugarhouse as a service?- Frequently used service - A large proportion of students use the service weekly - Wide range of user experiencesEthnography Project

analyse the varied user experiences of The Sugarhouse to gain an understanding of front and back stage processes consider further developments within marketing and brandingWe aim to:

MethodologiesCamera journalShadowingTry it yourselfFive whys

Range of users:People who are soberVisitorsPeople with impairmentsStaff

SoberSugar bus was safe and effectiveUnpleasant queuing experienceEnjoys the choice of rooms - however poor music diversityInconsistency of drinks prices

Visitors- Maddie Hall and Erin Harvey- Thought the Sugar Bus was a unique service- Enjoyed events- More Sugar Bus times should be available

People with impairments InterviewChris Hall - broken leg and in brace Aerin Vaughan - broken armTry it yourself methodology - arm in a slingShadowing

Staff- Bar staff and Bouncers- Poor cloakroom service, but now improved- DJ Matthews needs to leave- Better music would make job more bearable


User MotivationsLarge proportions of customers are from Lancaster University - The Sugarhouse relies on this influxSense of security because it is ran by LUSUChoice of roomsFree Transport

New marketing and branding directionThe Sugarhouse need to address their repetitive playlist by increasing the number of alternative genre nights A place to suggest music/events on their Facebook pageRegular meetings with FTOs/VP of JCRs in order to ensure their market offering is aligned with student demand

Impact of our new concept and service developmentA more sociable environment would allow for an increased influx of varied usersIntegration with other universities could induce a more accurate outlook on our university and could ensure a higher increase in prospective studentsShould The Sugarhouse conduct more market research it would result in a more in depth understanding of their customer needs

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