Essential Things That Every Software Developer Should Know

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A list of essential topic that i think any software developer/engineer should become well educated.


  • 1. Essential Topics Every Software Developer Should Know Self Improvement Ramadhi Irawan

2. Essential Topics a Software Developer Should Know Become Well Educated Regardless of languages or technical philosophy any software developer should have a good understanding of: How to Eat Healthy. How to Exercise Properly. How to Sit at the computer in an Ergonomic fashion. How to ensure that people do not approach you asking to fix their computer OR to build them a website. How to deal with the opposite sex and not feel awkward. 3. Eating HealthyEat Enough Calories 1. Avg. daily calories allowance ~2,000 calories.2. Eat varieties of products (i.e. Fruits, vegies, grains, pasta, etc..) 3. Drink more water 4. Limit Sugary foods, Salt and Refined grains products.Footnotes: 4. Exercise OftenGet Active 1. Reduce Stress 2. Improving Self-confidence 3. Enjoy the great outdoors 4. Prevent cognitive decline 5. Sharpen Memory 6. Increase ProductivityFootnotes: 5. Sit ErgonomicallySit Properly 1. Support your back to avoid back pain.2. Adjust your chair so that your wrist and forearms straight and level with floor. 3. Rest your feet on floor. 4. Place your screen at eye level.Footnotes: (By : 6. Why You Shouldnt Do That For FreeWhy sometimes it is better for you to know nothing about computer: 1. Future problem are your fault. 2. People may not respect your time. 3. People dont value things that are free. 4. People adopt risky habit because they are getting free tech support.Footnotes: 7. Be Socialable...Improve your Social life 1. Start with an open-ended question to start a conversation 2. Pass on the flow of conversation (i.e. asking for opinion) 3. Use a sneaky opening lineFootnotes: