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  • 1. ESSAY #4 THE RESEARCH PAPER English 111 Instructor: Andrea Anderson

2. Your assignment is to write a 5 page APA-Style essay in which you argue your position on a contemporary issue using research-based evidence. ESSAY #4 ASSIGNMENT 3. GETTING STARTED UNIT #4 PREPARATION 4. UNIT #4 PREPARATION Look at the Assignment Sheet in the Unit #4 Folder in Blackboard. 5. UNIT #4 PREPARATION Pay attention to the deadlines on the assignment sheet. Make a timeline for yourself and use it! TODA Y END OF SEMESTE R This assignment will keep you busy! 6. UNIT #4 PREPARATION Relevant Chapters Read Chapter 10 Arguing a Position Read Chapter 33 Arguing Read Chapter 44 Finding Sources Read Chapter 45 Evaluating Sources Read Chapter 47 Quoting, Paraphrasing, and Summarizing Read Chapter 48 Acknowledging Sources and Avoiding Plagiarism Read Chapter 51 APA Style 7. PRE-WRITING BEGINNING THE WRITING PROCESS 8. GET STARTED WITH THE WRITING PROCESS Pre-Writing Choose a Topic Outline Research 9. ARGUE FOR YOUR POSITION ON AN ISSUE Argue: give reasons or cite evidence in support of an idea, typically with the aim of persuading others to share ones view. Remember While it is acceptable to disagree it is not acceptable to disrespect or insult others. State your argument in a respectful 10. ARGUE FOR YOUR POSITION ON AN ISSUE You choose the issue: it could be an issue local to your community or your state, or a national issue, or even a global issue. 11. CHOOSE AN ISSUE THAT INTERESTS YOU Writing a research paper is work, but it doesnt have to be a chore. It can be work that you enjoy pouring yourself into. You have the choice to write about something that reflects your opinions and interests. 12. CHOOSE A CONTEMPORARY ISSUE CHOOSE AN ISSUE THAT IS RELEVANT. IN OTHER WORDS, PEOPLE ARE DISCUSSING THIS ISSUE TODAY! DONT WRITE ABOUT AN ISSUE THAT IS OUTDATED OR HAS ALREADY BEEN RESOLVED. For example Dont argue that women should have the right to vote. Women do have the right to vote, and that issue was resolved in 1920. Examples: Drilling in ANWR Changing the Driving Age to 18 Legalizing Marijuana Stricter Gun Control Laws Legalizing Gay Marriage Banning Aerial Wolf Hunting 13. CHOOSE A CONTEMPORARY ISSUE OTHER POSSIBLE TOPICS GMO Labeling Sex Education Cell Phone Use While Driving School Uniforms In-Vitro Fertilization Capital Punishment Mandatory Immunizations Breed Specific Dog Bans 14. CHOOSE A TOPIC The most important thing to consider when choosing a topic is: What interests you? Make sure that you pick a topic that is ARGUABLE. Other people must be able to DISAGREE with you and present evidence to counter your argument. 15. CHOOSE A TOPIC THAT IS ARGUABLE Some claims are NOT arguable because they are completely subjective. Do NOT pick a topic that is: A matter of taste or opinion Example = Sauerkraut is disgusting. Example = Paris is the most beautiful city in Europe. Factual Example = The first Star Wars movie came out in 1977. Example = Alaska is the largest state in the USA. Based on belief or faith There is life after death. 16. AN ISSUE ALWAYS HAS TWO SIDES. YOU HAVE TO PICK ONE! 17. AFTER YOU PICK A TOPIC, YOU NEED TO TAKE A POSITION All arguable issues have TWO sides. You need to pick ONE! EXAMPLE: Topic = Drilling in ANWR Position = Pick one 18. AFTER YOU TAKE A POSITION, YOU NEED GOOD REASONS FOR YOUR STANCE. Having a position doesnt make an argument. You need reasons for taking your position. EXAMPLE: Topic: Changing the legal driving age to 18. Stance: For changing the legal driving age to 18. Reasons: 1. Many accidents are caused by young, inexperienced drivers. 2. Insurance rates would go down in less young drivers caused accidents. 3. Parents could better supervise their children if they cant drive themselves places. 19. AFTER YOU CHOOSE A TOPIC, IT IS TIME TO RESEARCH. You need to offer evidence to support your reasons for your stance. 20. RESEARCH You must use at least 4 ACADEMIC JOURNAL ARTICLES as sources in your paper. Academic sources are found through the UAA or KPC Library website on the Academic Search Premier search engine. From the library website, click on the link for Article and Journal Databases. Your journal articles must be published during or after 2005. Watch the videos on research, Academic Search Premier, and evaluating sources in the Unit #4 Folder to find out more information. 21. RESEARCH Research for background information What is the (brief) history your topic and why is this issue relevant today? Research for Evidence (to support your reasons) Look for facts, statistics, expert testimony, case studies, and anecdotal and/or textual evidence. Research other opinions You need to acknowledge and consider other opinions and refute them in your writing. 22. Writing Peer Review Edit and Revise Publish AFTER PRE-WRITING CONTINUE THROUGH THE WRITING PROCESS 23. AFTER PRE-WRITING CONTINUE THROUGH THE WRITING PROCESS Write 5 Complete Pages APA-Style Reference Page Cite All Your Sources Use APA-Style in-text citations and a reference page Edit and Revise Publish 24. WRITING - ARGUING Aside from choosing good reasons for your stance and researching for convincing evidence to support your reasons, you need to establish a trustworthy tone. Argue: give reasons or cite evidence in support of an idea, typically with the aim of persuading others to share ones view. The way you argue your point will determine whether or not the reader trusts you. 25. ESTABLISHING A TRUSTWORTHY TONE The way you argue your point will determine whether or not the reader trusts you. Arguing sounds forceful, which your paper should not be. A forceful paper will alienate readers. A better term might be persuading. Give your readers information that leads them to your conclusion, but allows them to feel like they are making their own decisions on the issue. 26. HOW TO ESTABLISH A TRUSTWORTHY TONE Show the reader that you have thoroughly researched your topic. Present your argument in an evenhanded way. Carefully and fairly consider other opinions on the issue. Appropriately qualify all claims you make. Avoid fallacies aka faulty reasoning. Be sure to read the PDF on avoiding common fallacies. Dont use the word I not even once 27. WRITE: 5 COMPLETE PAGES You need to provide at least three of your own reasons for your stance, as well as two reasons for the opposing stance and why you can refute it. Your paper should be organized like this: Paragraph #1 Introduce the issue and state your thesis Paragraph #2 Provide background information Paragraph #3 Give the first reason with evidence to support Paragraph #4 Give the second reason with evidence to support Paragraph #5 Acknowledge and/or refute opposing argument Paragraph #6 Acknowledge and/or refute opposing argument [Continue this pattern as needed] Final Paragraph Conclusion 28. CITE YOUR SOURCES USING APA STYLE You will give reasons for your position on your issue. You will research evidence to support your reasons. You need to give credit to your sources by providing accurate in- text citations and a reference page in the APA Style. Read Chapter 51 on APA Style and watch the APA Lecture in the Essay #4 Folder. 29. PEER REVIEW GET FEEDBACK ABOUT YOUR WRITING FROM YOUR PEERS. Like each previous paper, there will be a peer review. However, this peer review will be held online. You can work from anywhere you have a reliable internet connection. You do not have to come to campus to participate. The peer review will be on Monday, December 2. Specific directions for the peer review will be posted on Blackboard and given in class on Monday, November 25. 30. EDIT AND REVISE Revise Look at the advise that your classmates gave you during the peer review. Make the changes that you feel will improve your paper. Two pieces of ADVICE: #1: Give yourself plenty of time to revise. If you can, get away from your writing for a little while. When you return refreshed, you will be more likely to catch errors and digressions. #2: Remember to make sure that this is a reader-centered paper not a writer-centered paper. In other words, detach yourself from your paper and revise it to assure that everything is clear and belongs on the page. Just because you spent time writing it, doesnt mean it belongs in your final draft. If it doesnt, erase it. Edit Check your paper for proper grammar, punctuation, and usage. 31. USE YOUR RESOURCESOWL @ KPC OWL is the online writing lab at KPC. You can submit your paper to the OWL and get feedback from KPC faculty. You let them know specifically what you would like help with! 32. PUBLISH YOUR PAPER = TURN IT IN DUE DATE: MONDAY, DECEMBER 9 The final draft of this paper is due Monday, December 9. YOU WILL SUBMIT YOUR FINAL DRAFT IN BLACKBOARD. There will be a drop box for you to upload your papers in the Writing Essay #4 Folder. The final draft is worth LOTS of points! Turn it in on time! LATE PAPERS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. 33. A NOTE ABOUT ESSAY #4 Be sure that you turn in your best possible work. This is the last essay of the semester and is a significant portion of your final grade. YOU CANNOT REVISE THIS PAPER AFTER YOU TURN IT IN. 34. PRESENTATION - Presentation Days - Monday, December 9 and Wednesday, December 11 Each student will give a short 5 minute presentation on his/her research paper. I will pass out complete guidelines in class. Part of your presentation grade is based on being a good audience member. You must be present both days to receive credit for your presentation. 35. GRADING Paper = 175 points Presentation = 25 points Peer Review = 25 points TOTAL = 225 points This assignment is worth almost 25% of your total grade. 36. If you have any