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A Presentation on

Construction of Under Water StructuresBy

Yatiraj V. Gharse M0810C02 Construction Techniques College of Engineering, Pune

ContentsErecting Foundations Under Water y Under Water Tunnel Construction y Caisson for Seaworks y Under Water Construction Using Membrane y Palm Islandsy

Erecting Foundations Under Water

Erecting Foundations Under WaterIntroduction: y This is a simple & economical method by which concrete structures can be erected in tidewater or other location under water, without subjecting any part of the structure to alternate submersion & exposure during setting.

Erecting Foundations Under WaterMaterial: y Piles y Shell of steel y Sand y Tremie concrete

Under Water Tunnel Construction

Under Water Tunnel ConstructionIntroduction: y This method uses a double layered flexible form & introduction of both an inert & a reactive fluid into spacing of the form so as to produce both the shape & the basic structure of the tunnel.

Under Water Tunnel ConstructionIt is the method for the construction of an underwater tunnel without underground excavation. y It provides a method of underwater construction without on site assembly of work for the basic structure of the instant tunnel.y

Under Water Tunnel ConstructionMaterials: y Plain concrete y R.C.C y Fabrics such as Nylon, PVC y Inert fluid (water) y Reactive fluid (concrete)

Caisson for Seaworks

Caisson for SeaworksIntroduction: y A caissons is used in constructing seaworks which comprises. of compartments for receiving ballast

Caisson for SeaworksThe advantage of using this method is to built seawork without using floating equipment& divers. y The work can be, for instance, protective dykes, elements of artificial island.y

Caisson for SeaworksMaterials y Granular material (pebbles) y Laminated nylon y Liquid ballast y Cement y Sand

Under Water Construction Using Membrane

Under Water Construction Using MembraneIntroduction: y This method involves constructing free standing structure in water, comprising impervious membrane. y This membrane is partially filled with nonhardenable particulate

Under Water Construction Using Membraney

This method is used for construction of a breakwater or an island providing a work area above it.

Under Water Construction Using MembraneMaterials y Membrane (Nylon fabric coated on both sides with abrasion resistant neoprene rubber). y Sand y Cement

Palm Islands

Palm IslandsIntroduction: y Palm Islands are artificial peninsulas constructed of sand dredged from the bottom of the Persian Gulf . y The islands are the Palm Jumeirah,, the Palm Jebel Ali and the Palm Deira.

Palm IslandsThe sand is sprayed by the dredging ships, which are guided by GPS, onto the required area in a process known as rainbowing. y The outer edge of each Palm's encircling crescent is a large rock breakwater. The breakwater of the Palm Jumeirah has over 7 million tons of rock. Each rock was placed individually by a crane, signed off by a diver and given a GPS coordinate.y

Palm IslandsThe reclamation project of the Palm Jebel Ali includes the creation of a 4 km long peninsula, protected by a 200 m wide and 17 km long breakwater built around the island. y 135,000,000 m of rock, sand and limestone were reclaimed (partly originating from the Jebel Ali Entrance Channel dredging works). y There are approximately 5,000,000 m of rocks in the slope protection works.y

RainbowingDefinition: y Rainbowing is the process in which a dredging ship propels sand that has been claimed from the ocean floor in a high arc to a particular location.

RainbowingThis is used for multiple purposes, ranging from building up a beach to prevent erosion to constructing new islands. y The name is derived from the appearance of the arc, which closely resembles a brown-colored rainbow. y This technique was notably used extensively in the construction of the Palm Islands.y

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