Engineering Big Data with Hadoop

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This presentation explains about Introduction of BIG DATA with HADOOP.


<ul><li> Disclaimer: Some of the Images and content have been taken from multiple online sources and this presentation is intended only for knowledge sharing but not for any commercial business intention </li> <li> HIGH VOLUME HIGH VELOCITY HIGH VARIETY </li> <li> Source: </li> <li> Bing ingests &gt; 7 petabyte a month The Twitter community generates over 1 terabyte of tweets every day Cisco predicts that by 2013 annual internet traffic flowing will reach 667 exabytes </li> <li> Source: </li> <li> Source: </li> <li> Source: </li> <li> How does an Elephant Sneak up on you? </li> <li> Chukwa Sqoop Zookeeper Pig HBase Avno Mahout Flume WhirrMap Reduce Engine Hama Hive Hadoop Distributed File System Hadoop Common </li> <li> Source: </li> <li> Distribute data initially Let processors / nodes work on local data Minimize data transfer over network Replicate data multiple times for increased availability Write applications at a high level Programmers should not have to worry about network programming, temporal dependencies, low level infrastructure, etc Minimize talking between nodes (share-nothing) HADOOP: 30,000 FEETVIEW </li> <li> BIGDATA&amp;ANALYTICS Case Studies </li> <li> checkout our video on </li> <li> Plot no 63/A, 1st Floor, Road No 13, Film Nagar, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad-500033 For Individuals (+91) 9502334561/62 For Corporates (+91) 9618 483 483 Facebook: Slide share: International School of Engineering </li> </ul>