Engaging Your Students Through Narration

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Engaging Your Students Through Narration. Rhonda D. Blackburn, PhD University of Texas at Dallas. Think!. Think of a course. How would you ground this in reality?. Objectives. Discuss how I improved my course using narrative course design. Redesign a course. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Slide 1Engaging Your Students Through NarrationRhonda D. Blackburn, PhDUniversity of Texas at Dallas2Think!Think of a course.How would you ground this in reality?ObjectivesDiscuss how I improved my course using narrative course design.Redesign a course.EHRD 475Multimedia Development for Training and InstructionStarted teaching in Fall 2002Traditional face-to-face classMoved online Fall 2003Changed assessments Fall 2004Changed in Fall 2008 using narrative design5Moving ForwardHow did I teach the class?6Welcome to B&B EnterprisesAll students are new HR DirectorsI am the VP of Training and DevelopmentThere is a face-to-face orientation ModulesAnalysisSynchronous trainingAudio trainingDemonstration trainingDesign and DevelopmentManual trainingActivitiesContentQuizLearning CircleActivityJournalChanges - ContentStarted - information and directionsEnded memos and other resources10Changes - QuizzesStayed the same.11Changes Learning CirclesStarted collaboration between classmatesEnded collaboration between co-workers, real world scenarios12Changes ActivitiesStarted they picked a companyEnded I hired them!13Changes JournalStarted reflecting on workEnded reflecting on work and how it impacts their environment14Why Narrative Course Design?RelevantReal worldInterestingIncreases levels of engagementExample of course materialsSyllabusSyllabus MandatesB&B IntroductionTraining ExampleLets have you design!What is the course?How will you ground it in reality?What are the activities?What can you do to make it more meaningful?Thank you!Rhonda D. Blackburn, PhDAssociate ProvostOffice of Educational EnhancementUniversity of Texas at Dallas972-883-6963rblackburn@utdallas.edu