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The goal of the Intel Engage Community is to mobilize and inspire a community of educators to collaborate, discuss topics of concern, share ideas, online resources and strategies to transform the K-12 classroom



2. Personal learning network with robust discussion forums and free resources The aspiration is to mobilize and inspire a community of educators to collaborate, discuss topics of concern, share ideas, online resources and strategies to transform the K- 12 classroom! Webinars Monthly webinars presented by educators and experts in the field of education. Intel Teach live, Virtual Museum Field Trip Professional Development Elements Courses, Groups Discussions Classroom Challenge, Digital Buzz, Stem Snacks STEM-focused Unit Plans and Lesson Ideas Blueprint for technology integration Membership include 50,000 Educators from around the world Training support Inquiry-based questioning and learning Free K-12 Teaching Tools and Resources GLOBAL INTEL ENGAGE COMMUNITY 3. Benefits of Membership Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much --Helen Keller Badges Engage gives away $1,000/month in free technology through webinars and activities in the community. Educators can participate in the Intel Tech Leadership Network (a.k.a Moderators) and receive more benefits for learning and growing in the community. India, Pakistan, Russia, China, South Korea, Vietnam, Egypt, Australia, UK, Panama, Peru, Costa Rica, Columbia and Brazil. More global features in 2015. Engage will offer badges for active membership and expertise areas by end of the yearevidence of time and learning in an online network. Tech Leadership Incentives Global Community 4. HOW WE DEFINE THE OPPORTUNITY d Frame the problem How do we .. 1. Make it easy for educators to identify and share strategies, ideas, resources and projects on effective classroom practices 2. Provide global outreach 3. Collaborate with future ready educators who understand the importance of selecting the right tools. 4. Motivate and engage students with authentic learning tasks to prepare them to be college and career ready. Define the opportunity Share our narrative 1. Join the community and create groups to engage your PLCs or request membership in an existing group. 2. Become a moderator and create discussion or respond to member posts. 3. Become a part of a growing future ready community 4. Personalized professional growth Educators are the voices of the community. They tell the story that reveals to the world what the Intel Engage Community represents and why all educators should become active members. 1. Attend Events . . . Live monthly webinars 2. Join Discussions . . . Grow your network 3. Learn Online . . . Archived events and Elements courses 4. Explore resources . . . Tools ad lesson plans 5. WHERE DO WE ENGAGE Educators want ongoing, authentic ways to design lessons, create problem- based learning activities to facilitate learning using the available resources to engage students in higher order thinking. Community Themes Group Quest Education Campaigns Video tutorial on setting up and maintaining a successful group Digital Citizens in a Connected World Get Creative Global Classrooms Elements Courses Intel Education Intel Chromebooks Right Device LifehacksEDU K-12 Professional Development 6. HOW TO START THE CONVERSATION Educators dedicated to transforming the K-12 classroom through effective use of technology Engage 1 Engage 2 Engage 3 Classroom ChallengeChat with Deb Cut to the Core Engage 5 Stem-Snacks Engage 4 Digital Buzz 7. LETS TALK Your students want to be prepared to compete in a global community. How can you use engage to personalize learning and grow professionally?