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Complete script to the Alex Jones 2007 documentary "Endgame", along with timecodes (down to the second), available to anybody who would like to translate and/or subtitle the film.The documentary explores the disturbing historic trend consolidating economic and political power into fewer and fewer hands, and directing world "vertical integration" in a path towards a feudalistic, authoritarian, eugenicist world government. Also: the link between global warming and transhumanism. Alex Jones follows world financial and political leaders to their secretive annual meeting, and even records the attendance of some American politicians (a violation of the Logan Act)!In-depth interviews show how interlocking global corporate and banking interests support human rights abuses, and control multinational institutions such as the United Nations and the proposed "North American Union"- transforming them into instruments of social oppression, tyranny, and eugenicist experimentation. An absolute must-see for anybody disillusioned by the uncritical reporting of current events by our highly-centralized and corrupt mainstream media.


<p>ENDGAME (Alex Jones 2007) - script with timecodes for subtitling0:00:23 At noon before the Congressional committee, to tell what I knew about activities which might lead to an attempt to set up a fascist dictatorship. 0:00:32 the potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist 0:00:38 the very word secrecy is repugnant in a free and open society; and we are, as a People, currently and historically, opposed to secret societies, to secret oaths, and to secret proceedings. 0:00:53 President Bush signed a formal agreement that will end the United States as we know it. And he took the step without approval from either the US Congress or the People of the United States. 0:01:04 The secret organizations of the world power elite are no longer secret. 0:01:10 Its known as the Builderburg Group. Could their objective be world domination? 0:01:17 Im Jim Tucker. Ive chased Builderburg for thirty years. 0:01:21 Ill never give up the chase. 0:01:25 Builderburgs plan for the whole world is nothing less than World Government. 0:01:32 Im not comfortable with that at all. Who elected these guys to run the planet? 0:01:36 They are the elitists. They feel they can run the world for their own selfish interests.. 0:01:45 Now we can see a new world coming into view. 0:01:48 a world in which there is a very real prospect of a New World Order. 0:01:53 Bilderburg is making great progress towards a world government. 0:01:57 Only and educated and informed public can stop them in their tracks. 0:02:02 David Rockefeller admits in his own memoirs-</p> <p>0:02:04 That he wants to destroy the United States. 0:02:07 HES A TRAITOR!! 0:02:09 Its good to be back at the Council on Foreign Relations 0:02:12 As Pete mentioned, Ive been a member for a long time, 0:02:16 And was actually a Director for some period of time 0:02:18 I never mentioned that when I was campaigning for re-election back home in Wyoming! (laughter) 0:02:23 Let us never tolerate outrageous conspiracy theories. 0:02:34 I need you to move off the property please. 0:02:36 Some shots were fired.. 0:02:42 Theres Bilderburgers right there.. 0:02:47 The trans-Texas corridor is a vital part 0:02:49 Because here in Texas 0:02:50 we stop the New World Order 0:02:53 right here in Texas. 0:02:55 This thing started here. 0:02:58 And to save the country, we kill this damn thing here. 0:03:09 (newspaper) To Make Race PerfectAid of Rockefeller and Carnegie.. 0:03:13 (newspaper) Urged for a Better Race 0:03:20 There is a chance 0:03:22</p> <p>For the President of the United States 0:03:23 To carry out a phrase his father used 0:03:25 And that is a New World Order. 0:03:30 Your New World Order will fall! 0:03:33 Humanity will defeat you! 0:03:36 The answer to 1984 is 1776! 0:03:41 ALEX JONES PRESENTS. 0:03:47 ENDGAME 0:03:51 BLUEPRINT FOR GLOBAL ENSLAVEMENT 0:03:59 In the near future 0:04:01 Earth is dominated by a powerful world government. 0:04:06 Once-free nations are slaves to the will 0:04:08 Of a tiny elite. 0:04:10 The dawn of a new Dark Age is upon mankind. 0:04:14 Countries are a thing of the past. 0:04:17 Every form of independence is under attack. 0:04:21 with the family, and even the individual itself nearing extinction. 0:04:26 Close to 80% of the Earths population has been eliminated. 0:04:32 Remanants of humanity are forced to live within highly-controlled 0:04:37 Compact prison-like cities.</p> <p>0:04:39 Travel is highly restricted. 0:04:42 Superhighways connect the mega-cities 0:04:46 And keep the population from entering into unauthorized zones. 0:04:49 No human activity is private. 0:04:53 AI supercomputers chronicle and catagorize every action. 0:04:57 A prison-planet dominated by a ruthless gang of control-freaks. 0:05:02 Whose power can never be challenged. 0:05:04 This is the vision of the global elite 0:05:07 Their goal - a program of total dehumanization. 0:05:11 The science of tyrrany is law. 0:05:14 A world-wide control grid. 0:05:17 Designed to ensure the overlords monopoly of power forever. 0:05:20 Our species will be condemned to this nightmare future 0:05:24 Unless masses are awakened to the 0:05:26 New World Order master plan 0:05:28 And mobilized to defeat it. 0:05:32 Erected by a secretive group 0:05:35 The Georgia Guidestones are a testiment 0:05:37 To the elites plan</p> <p>0:05:39 For a world religion, 0:05:41 Global laws, with a global court and army to enforce it. 0:05:46 And set in stone, it is written 0:05:48 That the population never rise above 0:05:51 500 million 0:05:59 In this film you will learn how our world is truly governed. 0:06:02 You will see how highly secretive roundtable groups interlock to form a global intelligence network. 0:06:09 This group has steered planetary affairs for hundreds of years. 0:06:13 Now in the final stages, they prepare for open world government. 0:06:18 A goal tyrants throughout history have lusted after. 0:06:23 Dr Michael Coffman is a published ecologist specializing in ecosystem research, 0:06:28 Forest ecology, and ecosystem classification. 0:06:34 Dr Coffman played a key role in blocking the ratification 0:06:37 Of the Convention on Biological Diversity in the US Senate. 0:06:42 The concept of a New World Order has been around for centuries. 0:06:44 Its been receiving tremendous play over the last half of the 20th century. 0:06:50 George Bush- the first President George Bush- used it a lot in his speeches. 0:06:55 And implies that he really wants to see 0:06:58 A order in which we have 0:07:01</p> <p>A universal or a global type of governance. 0:07:04 In which every human being on planet Earth is 0:07:06 Is ultimately responsible to the policies 0:07:08 Which are being formulated at the international level. 0:07:11 It is a big idea. 0:07:14 A New World Order. 0:07:20 President Bush said the New World Order was 0:07:24 In tune. Thats what they were working for. 0:07:27 The UN is part of that government. 0:07:29 Theyre working right now very significantly for a North American Union. 0:07:32 Theres a lot of people in Washington right now 0:07:34 Who dont care too much about our borders. 0:07:36 They have a philosophic belief that national sovereignty is not important. 0:07:39 Thats sort of the reason I have made a very strong suggestion 0:07:42 We need not be in the United Nations for our national security. 0:07:45 Its really always the same.. You go back through history 0:07:48 The Roman Empire. 0:07:50 The Soviet Union. Hitler during the Naziism. 0:07:53 Was always saying it was going to create the utopia for the average person. 0:07:57 When in fact, history always shows that it does exactly the opposite.</p> <p>0:08:02 ANCIENT ROOTS OF GLOBALISM 0:08:04 Conquest and Empire are as old as civilization. 0:08:06 Babylon, 0:08:08 Egypt and Greece 0:08:14 They all built empires in an attempt to rule the world. 0:08:17 The Roman system at its peak, dominated 0:08:20 The known world. 0:08:22 Complex governmental systems were developed 0:08:25 To control diverse populations. 0:08:28 During the period between the 15th and 19th centuries, 0:08:31 New empires emerged 0:08:33 And again, waged war for supremacy. 0:08:39 The nobility as well as the thriving merchant class 0:08:42 Were financed by a handfull of private banks. 0:08:46 Many of the great money houses would hedge their bets 0:08:49 And finance *both* sides of a war. 0:08:51 Sophisticated intelligence-gathering networks 0:08:55 Gave financiers an edge over the governments they were slowly gaining control of. 0:09:03 On the 18th of June, 1815</p> <p>0:09:06 Agents of the British arm of the Rothschild family 0:09:09 Looked on as Empiror Napolean Bonaparte 0:09:11 Fought despirately to save his army 0:09:14 From the jaws of a British-Prussian pincer attack. 0:09:18 A Rothschild agent was able to get the news of Napoleans defeat 0:09:22 At the hands of Lord Wellington to Nathan Rothschild 0:09:26 A full 20 hours before the news reached London. 0:09:32 Nathan, the head of the British arm of the Rothschild family 0:09:35 Put out the rumor to the London Stock Exchange 0:09:38 That Napolean had *won* the war! 0:09:42 Stocks plunged by 98% 0:09:45 Rothschild was then able to buy up the entire British economy 0:09:49 For pennies on the Pound. 0:09:55 When the news of Napoleans defeat finally arrived, 0:09:59 Stocks soared. 0:10:02 Britain was now the undisputed ruler of Europe. 0:10:05 And Rothschild ruled England. 0:10:10 The already-dominant British Empire grew even more aggressive. 0:10:17 Her troops and bureaurocracy spread across the globe. 0:10:22</p> <p>The sun never set on Brittanias holdings. 0:10:26 The banking cartel - funded, in fact, since about 1800... 0:10:30 They have funded both sides of almost every war. 0:10:33 ..and of course theyre getting the interest off the loans that theyve given 0:10:37 The various governments [for] the wars they have absolutely helped stimulate and create. 0:10:42 By 1900, Germany was a rising force 0:10:46 And a leader of the Industrial Revolution. 0:10:49 Uh- World War I, for instance. There was 0:10:51 Absolutely no reason to have World War I. 0:10:53 Except it was an ideal opportunity 0:10:56 For the banking cartel to make a pile of money 0:10:59 By funding both sides of that particular war. 0:11:02 On June 28, 1914, the heir to the Austrian-Hungarian throne 0:11:07 Archduke Franz Ferdinan, was assassinated 0:11:10 While traveling in a motorcade 0:11:21 The Black Hand 0:11:23 - a Serbian secret society with connections to French and British intellegence 0:11:26 Took credit 0:11:30 World War I had begun. 0:11:50</p> <p>Armaments companies financed by Rothschild-controlled banks 0:11:53 In Germany, France, England, and Austria bankrolled all factions. 0:12:07 At least 20 million were killed in the war. 0:12:10 It was a conflict so terrible, the people vowed to never fight again. 0:12:16 They dubbed it the War to End All Wars. 0:12:22 The question is Why did they want war? 0:12:24 Well, first of all, theres money and power0:12:26 But secondly, they wanted to create the League of Nations. 0:12:28 They had this in their plans all along, 0:12:31 And as a consequence, once the war was over, or about to be over, 0:12:35 They began to formulate this idea of a League of Nations 0:12:37 So this would never ever happen again. 0:12:40 Hundreds of years of practice made the British experts 0:12:43 At hiding their empire behind puppet governments and councils. 0:12:48 In the name of stopping all future conflicts, 0:12:51 They proposed that countries would join a League of Nations 0:12:57 Their true intention was for the League to serve as a framework 0:12:59 For world government. 0:13:05 President Woodrow Wilson, who had spearheaded 0:13:07 The establishment of the private Federal Reserve System</p> <p>0:13:09 In the United States in 1913, 0:13:13 Strongly supported the establishment of the League of Nations. 0:13:16 Woodrow Wilson was a very nave President. 0:13:19 He was basically a college professor who was grafted into this whole system. 0:13:24 The League convened in Paris in 1919 0:13:27 But many nations recognized it as a threat to their sovereignty. 0:13:30 And refused to join. 0:13:32 Frustrated by the U.S. Congress blocking the League of Nations, 0:13:36 British intelligence, with the help of the Rockefeller family, 0:13:39 Set up the Council on Foreign Relations. 0:13:42 In New York City in 1921. 0:13:45 The Council recruited the best and the brightest 0:13:47 Of American life to support the growth of the Anglo-American Empire. 0:13:53 The CFRs stated mission is to abolish all nation-states 0:13:56 In favor of an all-powerful world government 0:13:59 Administered by a tiny elite. 0:14:04 By 1930, the promoters of World Government 0:14:06 Had split into two interlocking camps: 0:14:09 The Fabian Socialists, centered in London,.. 0:14:12</p> <p>And the Fascists, based in Italy and Germany. 0:14:18 NATIONAL SOCIALISM WILL USE ITS OWN REVOLUTION FOR ESTABLISHING A NEW WORLD ORDER. -Adolf Hitler 0:14:28 Supporters of the Fascists in the United States and England believed 0:14:31 That the military should be used to quickly transform the world 0:14:35 Into a New World Order. 0:14:37 while the more sophisticated practitioners of globalism stated 0:14:39 That incrementalism was the sure path to world domination. 0:14:45 Congressional Medal of Honor winner, Major-General Smedley Butler 0:14:48 Went public in 19340:14:50 Exposing an attempt by the robber-barons to launch a military overthrow of the United States. 0:14:56 The war hero testified to the McCormic-Dixtein Committee in Congress.. 0:15:00 That some of the most powerful men in America 0:15:03 Had tried to recruit him to lead a military coup 0:15:06 So they could set up National Socialism (Nazi) in the United States. 0:15:20 At noon, before the Congressional committee.. The highest representation of the American People, 0:15:24 Under subpoena, to tell what I knew of activities.. 0:15:27 Which I believe might lead to an attempt to set up a fascist dictatorship. 0:15:32 I was supposed to lead an organization of 500,000 men 0:15:36 Which would be able to take over the functions of government.</p> <p>0:15:39 The fascists had also made deep inroads in England. 0:15:43 Edward VIII, King of England, 0:15:45 Was forced to abdicate his throne, because of his public support for Hitler.</p> <p>0:16:12 Though the German-led fascist camp was strong, 0:16:16 The Fabian Socialist block was able to maintain control. 0:16:19 Of the U.S., Russia, and England. 0:16:29 In the build-up to World War II, and during the conflict, 0:16:34 The bankers financed both sides. 0:16:36 just as they had done with Napolean. 0:16:50 After the rise and fall of the Third Reich, 0:16:52 Europe lay in ruins. 0:17:13 Once again, the elite claimed, 0:17:15 That only global governance could save humanity from certain destruction. 0:17: 21 And this time the elite would succeed in setting up their world body. 0:17:31 In April of 1945, at the Presideo naval base in San Francisco 0:17:35 The United Nations was founded by the victors of World War II. 0:17:41 The United Nations complex was then built in New York City 0:17:45 ..On land donated by John D. Rockefeller.</p> <p>0:17:49 Shortly after, the Elite established the United Nations as their base in the United States. 0:17:54 The newly-formed World Council quickly began work 0:17:57 On the next phase in their plan.. 0:17:59 The incremental formation of continental super states. 0:18:03 The first step in their tri-lateral plan 0:18:06 Was the creation of the European Union. 0:18:10 Unifying Europe had been tried many times, 0:18:13 And was extremely unpopular. 0:18:15 Where Napolean and Hitler had failed to accomplish their goals using force, 0:18:20 The Globalists would succeed, using stealth. 0:18:24 The British spearheaded the formation of the Council of Europe on May 5, 1949. 0:18:29 The Treaty of London claimed to only establish trade ties between European nations. 0:18:35 like NAFTA or GATT in North Am...</p>


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