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ShellyTerrell.com/classfinale A Class Finale They Wont Forget! Is school over, yet?!@! Play Explore the world Help others Cultivate relationships Express gratitude Reflect In a few days, students can: Altered photo by Lance Shields, Flic.kr/p/8HEB8R Reflect Sometimes, you have to look back in order to understand the things that lie ahead. - Yvonne WoonDigital Scrapbooks Buncee.com/buncee/44768 Reflect on goals & set ones for the summer Goal Poster by EvelynGiggles, Flickr, CC 2.0 Recommended Tools & Apps EduBuncee Tackk Canva Biteslide Pic-Collage Smore Glogster Class moments magazine! Flipboard.com/section/the-paly-voice-bL09Sx issuu.com/londonnews/docs/the_pirate_ship_may_2014_year-end_e School year highlights newspaper! A thank you to their teachers! Glossi.com/TitansDigest/103846-titans-digest-may-issue?sb=anon-e6d83e18888a178ac750e40c5d2d460c Youtu.be/h11u3vtcpaY Ted Talk, Ignite, Pecha Kucha Watch & write commencement speeches! Brainpickings.org/index.php/page/3/ Advice to future students Voicethread.com/?#q+advice.b1940877.i10230814 Play & move! GoNoodle.com 5 min. brain breaks Take the learning outside! Photo by Sherif Salama, Flic.kr/p/4unZDG Whoever wants to understand much must play much. - Gottfried Benn Shellyterrell.com/games Zondle Scratch MIT TinyTap GetKathoot Stencyl SketchNation GameSalad Purpose Games ClassTools Game Maker 3D Sploder Gamestar Mechanic X-Note What2Learn Kodu Adventure Games Textbased Adventures Create games Unreal Unity Game Maker Studio Gamefroot Tynker Hopscotch Code Avenger Flowlab FieldTrip:FirstGradeOutdoorEduca4onbywoodleywonderwork,Flic.kr/p/7hc7G7Visit a guest expert physically or virtually! Education.microsoft.com/connectwithothers/guestspeakers Students create questions Students line up to ask 1 at a time Photo by Kirill Kniazev, Flic.kr/p/nM4w1N TOOLS & APPS Magisto iMovie Moovly Powtoon TouchCast Wideo Thinglink Splice Create a Lip Dub, Farewell, or Memories Video! ShellyTerrell.com/video Explore the world! Virtual field trips with Google.com/culturalinstitute Photo by kimubert, Flic.kr/p/BrmcwQ VR Field Trips with Google Cardboard Shellyterrell.com/humor Nicoleandersonellis.tumblr.com @ShellTerrell Facebook.com/ShellyTerrell Gum.co/learn2go ShellyTerrell.com/classfinale Youtube.com/user/atesol