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  • Encouraging the HeartTo Increase Productivity, Performance, & Employee Satisfaction* Donna Schilder, PCCLeadership & Career Coachwww.DonnaSchilder.com*Based on: Encouraging the Heart by Kouzes & Posner

    *75 minutes From: 12 noon 1:15Do you wish you were better at motivating your staff?

    Do you believe that if the leaders in your organization were more encouraging, youd have less problems to deal with in HR?

  • *Lack of Recognition40% of workers say they never receive recognitionAnother 20% rarely receive recognition

    Only 50% of managers report that they give recognition for high performance

    *I think Encouragement has to start within the leader. I think you have to encourage yourself and fill your need for encouragement in order to be an encouraging leader.Its wrong thinking to believe that people at the top dont need encouragement. All human beings respond positively to encouragement.

    I also believe that you have to be Happy to be Encouraging. Have you ever tried to follow an unhappy leader? Its hard isnt it. They are negative, unsupportive, use fear to lead. You can follow them, but your hearts just not in it. Your feet lead you, but your heart and soul resist.

    Thats why part of the coaching I do with every client has to do with increasing happiness. Because following a happy leader is effortless.

    Im going to give you a business case to help your leaders see that they need to change to increase productivity.

  • *TopicsAssess Your Encouragement SkillsThe Seven Essentials of EncouragingCreating an Encouragement Action PlanBuilding an Encouraging Culture

    *Hold up book

    I havent included every slide in the handout, just the core. I will be happy to send you the Powerpoint so that you can use the information any way you want.

  • *Encouragement Increases ProductivityKouzes & Posner 1995 study showed:

    performance is higher when people are led by individuals who give more encouragement.

    *When they asked people if they needed encouragement, 60% said no. They said they could do their best without encouragement.

    Needing encouragement implied they couldnt perform well unless someone was around cheering them on.

    When the question changed to: Does Encouragement help you perform 98% said yes.Balloon hold up performanceBouncing higher performanceEncouraging culture best performance

    One manager in the Kouzes and Posner book had believed just that I treated their accomplishments as part of their normal job which required no recognition.He decided to take a different approach:He shook each members of the teams handHe took key players to lunchHe called people to congratulate them if they were offsiteHe held a small office party

  • *The ImpactIncreased productivityDecreased absenteeismGreater initiativeMore cooperationFewer conflicts

    His job got easier


  • *Encouragement (Kindness) Increases ProductivityResearchers found that managers who treated employees with kindness, respect, and fairness got much better performance from their teams.

    Journal of Product Innovation Management, March 2009


  • *No. 1 Leadership Success FactorCenter for Creative Leadership

    Relationships with subordinates

    More warmth and fondnessMore connectionMore open with their thoughts

    *FIRO-B Instrument

    This behavior affected the satisfaction of subordinates two levels down

  • *Encouragement Increases ProductivityCorporate kindness positively impacts profits. Leading with Kindness, Baker and OMalleyCharacteristics of kind mangers: Compassion*Gratitude* Humor*IntegrityAuthenticityHumility

    *These are encrouraging leadership attributesThree top ones are the values most closely associated with Happiness as identified in Martin Seligmans studies of happiness (Authentic Happiness).

  • *Impact of Motivating EnvironmentA Gallup Workplace Audit found that if a work group had the 12 Attributes of a Motivating Environment they were: 50% more likely to achieve customer loyalty 40% more profitable10% less turnover*

    On average U.S. companies lose half their workforce every year. A 5% decrease would double their profit

    *Do you think your boss and the shareholders would like to see a 40% increase in profits?

    This is how you can build the business case for your organization to create an encouraging environment

  • *12 Attributes of a Motivating EnvironmentI know what is expected of me.I receive recognition for good work.Someone at work cares about me as a person.Someone at work encourages my development.Someone at work has talked to me about my progress.My opinions seem to count.The mission/purpose of my company makes me feel my job is important.

    *7 of the 12 attributes of a Motivating Environment have to do with encouragement. What was the effect of this encouraging environment?

    These attributes correlate closely with Kouzes and Posners 7 Essentials of Encouragement

  • *At the Heart of Encouragement: I care about you and what you do.


  • *The Encouragement IndexTake The Encouragement IndexIdentify areas for improvementRecommit to doing what you do well

    *I will send you this Encouragement Index pdf if youd like. I will tell you at the end how to order it.

    Encouragement Index 10 minutes

    Did you learn anything new about yourself?

  • *Action Plan For Encouraging Others________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

    *4 Minutes

  • *Increasing Productivity Through:The Seven Essentials of EncouragingSet Clear StandardsExpect the BestPay AttentionPersonalize RecognitionTell the StoryCelebrate TogetherSet the Example

    *Your employees cant do what is expected of them if they dont know what is expected of them

    If you expect bad performance, you get bad performance.

    The most important thing you can do as a leader is Pay Attention. Too many leaders stay in their offices and never come out. Is it more important that a leader is productive or that their employees are productive? If you never leave your office:Either you need to delegate moreGet over your fear of people or your introversionOr find a way to be more efficientRecognition is more powerful if it is geared to the personThe story is: the vision, the success, recognition stories

    Celebrate together creates community and mutual support

    Set the example: its hard to be encouraged by a leader that isnt committed or encouraging.I recently coached a business owner that was leaving early and playing a lot of golf. He also wasnt saying thank you and his staff felt like they needed more input from him. Do you think his staff was motivated? With some changes in his behavior productivity went up and employee satisfaction went up.

  • *1. Set Clear StandardsCreate clear goalsAsk for employee input into their goalsGive consistent feedback to:Let them know they are meeting their goalsGuide them to correct their course

    *Clear meaningful vision knowing where youre goingClear mission creates passionGoalsAction PlansTasksConsistent Feedback

    My experience bears the need for feedback out. When I support companies with their Employee Satisfaction Surveys, the most common dissatisfiers are not getting enough recognition and not getting enough feedback. Also, when Ive coached leaders to give more feedback and recognition, not only do the scores go up for the questions pertaining to recognition and feedback, but the scores for all the questions go up. My conclusion. Feedback and recognition = employee satisfaction.

  • *1. Set Clear StandardsShow employees how their values align with the companys goalsHelp employees feel pride in their work

    *When employees understand how their values align with what the company is doing it creates meaning and pride and commitment

    What do you think the byproduct of pride and commitment is? = productivity

    Help employees understand the impact the company has on the world

    B-2 Bomber ExampleThe world is a safer placeRiveters motivationOne rivet could down a plane

  • *2. Expect the BestHigh expectations = high performance

    *When I expected the best from the Junior High class I taught for a year, they gave it to me. When I walked into the classroom dreading their bad behavior the bad behavior appeared. SLINK INTO THE CLASSROOM When I walked into the classroom expecting them to be focused and engaged, they were. PROJECT THE EXPECTATION THAT THEY WILL DO THEIR BEST

    I was coaching a manager recently who realized that he had come to expect the worst of a certain employee. He had gotten frustrated with the employee at one point and had continued to be frustrated with the employee every time he saw him. ACT OUT: You Chump

    The employee performed badly because he knew the manager was frustrated with him, expected the worst from him, and his self esteem was low. The manager was almost ready to fire the employee.

    Through our coaching the manager to forgave the employee and reconnected to the more positive view of him that he had had in the past. What do you think happened? The manager became more encouraging. What happened to the employees performance it improved greatly!!

  • *3. Pay AttentionCare by Walking AroundListen with your eyes and your heartPut employees first

    Understand their barriers & challengesEnsure they have what they need

    *A coaching client of mine was too busy servicing customers herself, not enough time leadingHigh emp


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