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  • 8/6/2019 Emphas.is Added - American Photo Magazine


    62 mecnmg.cm my/june 2011

    Christoph Bangert shot

    this photo o soldiers rom

    Dagger Company (4th

    Inantry Division) fring

    mortar rounds toward

    positions in the Koren-

    gal Valley, Aghanistan.

    Bangert is using public

    support via Emphas.is

    to und his project

    documenting the fght

    over Kandahar Province.

  • 8/6/2019 Emphas.is Added - American Photo Magazine


    juy/ugu 2011 mecnmg.cm

    Emphas.is addEdA 21st-century funding model for photographers promotes vital new

    photojournalism by appealing to the audience, not the outlets by michelle bogre

  • 8/6/2019 Emphas.is Added - American Photo Magazine


    marh 8, oas va otrv wast

    sr hd hav th o to rtr to

    aos. Withot fdi, his abitios sv-

    ar prot doti th last srvivi holdots

    of th coist ovt wold li ioplt.

    d b to north Kora, cba, chia ad Vit-

    a rpatdl. aos was his last stop. hr h

    plad to photoraph th raii c-traid

    o rrillas livi i hidi si 1975, wh

    th u.. lft Vita. Bt h was havi trobl

    oi p with th $8,800 h dd for xpss.

    B marh 10, va otrv was osidrabl

    or optiisti. hat was th da ephas.is, a

    w rowdfdi wbsit for photoraphrs,

    lahd. is prot was o of th rst i

    fatrd, ad i its rst 24 hors oli, it had

    rivd $1,985, alost a qartr of th fds h

    dd. B pril 4, 127 bakrs had doatd or

    tha $8,800 ad va otrv st ot for oth-

    ast sia to ak th prod.

    hr ar svral othr rowdfdi sits

    (th ost faos is Kikstartr), bt whr ost

    othrs rprst a varit of prot tps arossall fors of dia, ephas.is has a silar visio:

    to t photooralis fdd i a ra wh

    otlts ar dri p ad assits ar sar

    Bod aki idividal prots possibl, it ai

    to bild a oit of ad doors who ar

    itrstd both i lobal isss ad i spporti

    qalit oralis. W watd to rat a platfo

    whr photoraphrs wold b abl to o-

    iat dirtl with bakrs, sas Kari B

    Khlifa, a award-wii nw york citbasd

    photooralist who ofodd ephas.is with h

    partr, ia hrs, forrl th sior photo

    ditor with GEO aazi, ad Fal Dwvr

    a trt bsiss osltat.

    W thoht abot how or wh popl os

    dia ad ralizd that th or adis d

    it throh soial tworki sits, hrs sas.

    s od xpt fro a opt bor i th a o

    soial dia, itrativit ad prsoal ivolv-

    t ar k opots. athr tha st f

    viwrs storis, w lt th pbli did what th

    wat to s fdd ad ovrd. opl still ar

    abot ws. W st d to iv th a platfor

    whr th a b ivolvd.h ativit o ephas.is i th rst fw wk


    64 mecnmg.cmmy/june 2011

    rather thanfeed viewersstories,we letthe publicdecide whatthey wantto see.

  • 8/6/2019 Emphas.is Added - American Photo Magazine


    my/june 2011 mecnmg.cm

    ss to spport hrs ovitio. th sits

    rst oth, doatios totald $45,000 aross th

    i fatrd prots, ildi matt eihsSin &

    Salvation in Baptist Town, abot th ihrita of

    slavr ad its ooi ipat o th rrt -

    ratio; gilla rbatsLa Montaa, ovrio of th ost violt rios i mxio; carol

    Draks The Story of Uyghur, fosi o has

    i th ltral ladsap of th uhrs, a rki

    msli popl i Wstr chia; ad aro s

    ollaboratio with artist hpard Fair ad er-

    sto yra, The Pine Ridge Billboard Project, whih

    shds liht o th akota ad othr tribs oti-

    d ht for trat rihts (s sidbar o pa 66).

    h raiso dtr for ephas.is is frdo:

    frdo for photoraphrs to tll thir storis

    withot itrfr fro ditors, ad frdo

    for th pbli to fd th prots, photoraphrs

    ad isss that itrst th. o aitai qalit,

    rviwrs fro a pal of or tha 40 itra-

    tioal photo-idstr ad oralis profssioals

    rat ah prot aordi to a st of 13 rit-

    ria, ildi photo qalit, ralisti bdt ad

    photoraphrs xpri. thr vttd,prots ar plad o th sit to liv or di. Fd-

    i is a all-or-othi propositio: f a prot

    fails to rais its statd fdi oal b its dadli,

    ephas.is rfds th doors o. h pbli

    is th atkpr, B Khlifa sas. f a prot

    fails, its ithr bas it wast pithd wll or it

    st ist itrsti oh to th oit.

    h photoraphrs offris ar tird. For $10,

    bakrs t ass to a aki-of zo whil th

    prot is ri. hr, photoraphrs provid

    pdats via twts, blo posts, photoraphs ad

    vidos as th rativ pross folds. ihr do-

    Let: A van outryve ph

    rom Laos o relatives o

    veterans o the CIA ecr

    War as they gather in a

    mong village. The mo

    ought alongside the CIA

    and as a result are now

    disenranchised, orced t

    live secretly in the jungle

    Above: A municipal jail

    in the town o Ayutla, in

    Guerrero, exico, shot b

    Guillaume erbaut. The

    fve indigenous-rights act

    ists were accused o mur

    der. Their arrest is believ

    to have been politically


  • 8/6/2019 Emphas.is Added - American Photo Magazine


    atio lvls ofr ratr rwards, whih ar st

    b th photoraphr. o far thv rad fro

    sid opis of photo books to ivits to sr-

    is ad xhibits. a prot is ishd, all its

    bakrs t a xlsiv for-da viwi bfor

    its rlasd to th pbli. hotoraphrs rtai

    opriht ad all sa rihts, thoh itrstd

    dia otlts a aqir rst-pbliatio rihts

    i thir arkts b fdi p to 50 prt of

    a prot (this doatio os xlsivl toward

    xpss ad dos ot ild pbliatio fs).

    tti th pbli follow th rativ pross i

    ral ti distiishs ephas.is fro both tradi-

    tioal fdi odls ad rowdfdi sits lik

    Kikstartr. natrall, it favors photoraphrs who

    ar litrat i soial dia ad at ho with slf-

    prootio. his odl is ot for vro, B

    Khlifa ots. t last at rst, it will work bst for

    th ost dia savvthos who ar ofortabl

    bloi ad posti i fdbak fors.

    hrs blivs thir approah will hlp rstor

    traspar ad itrit to oralis. W ar

    offri a lips of th raw pross of how wsis ratd, hrs sas. th past, radrs saw

    ol th al polishd pi. r th s how

    photoraphrs t th stor, or how th ak

    disios. t also will ak photoraphrs or


    66 mecnmg.cmmy/june 2011

    Aaron Huey leverages Emphas.is to extend the reach and bluntness of his message

    thE powEr of thE postEr

    For 40 years, Pine Ridge Reservation has been one of the poorest areas in the United States, witan infant mortality rate three times the national average and a male life expectancy of about 48

    years (close to that of Afghanistan and Somalia). Aaron Huey has spent the past six years takin

    photos there. People were giving me something that I had a responsibility to share, he says.

    And share he has. His images have told the story of the Lakota in the pages ofDetails, The

    Fader, Harpersand the New York Timesblog Lens. Hes wary, however, of stories that skim th

    surface of statistics, only talking only about gangs, poverty and violence.

    So hes cutting out the middleman (and most of the words). Hueys Emphas.is project will fun

    the production of thousands of posters featuring his impactful collaborations with street artis

    Shepard Fairey (of Obama Hope poster fame) and Ernesto Yerena. I can be more brutally

    honest [than magazines], Huey says, using loaded language like genocide and prisoner of

    war camps to describe the reservation system. The posters funded and produced through

    Emphas.iswill be hung on billboards, buses and buildings across the country to raise awarenes

    and point people toward honorthetreaties.org, a Huey-authored advocacy site.

    Let: hepard Faireys

    poster interpretation o

    one o Aaron ueys

    aecting portraits rom

    the Pine Ridge Reserva-

    tion. uey hopes this kin

    o iconography will shin

    more light on the issues

    the Lakota ace than

    newspaper or magazine

    articles can.

  • 8/6/2019 Emphas.is Added - American Photo Magazine


    aotabl as oralists, bas th at

    bla thir ditors aor.

    h sits fodrs xpt th w platfor wa or, or atrall th-savv adi-

    s bas it srvs p oralis th wa th

    wat it: 24/7 ad partiipator. B Khlifa fls

    this approah also has th pottial to add a pr

    osl availabl disio to th historial r-

    ord. yars fro ow, h sas, o will b abl

    o bak ad s what was happi bhid a

    vt, what th photoraphrs wr thiki.

    ts hard to s a dowsid to this latst for

    of photoraphi fdi. ephas.is ist so

    a altrativ to th dia as its latst tatio

    o with a hih traspar fator ad a

    toward arhivi. now its p to th pbli to pthir o whr thir balls ar ad fd

    so worth prots.

    h fatrd photoraphrs dot s both-

    rd b th odls ihrt rtait. a

    worrid abot th pbli hoosi, sas rbat

    whos rprstd b th stitt for rtist ma

    at. ts th sa probl wv alwas had

    wh w hav to d a prodr fro th prss.

    dds Drak, dot thik th ral pbli is l

    abl tha a ditor to ak a sart disio. o

    fll what rs with rowdfdi will hal-

    l traditioal pblishi ad vi vrsa. AP

    my/june 2011 mecnmg.cm

    Clockwise rom top let:

    A march during the presiden-

    tial campaign in East Timor, by

    Agnes Dherbeys. Dialia Wooten

    walking home rom church

    in Greenwood, ississippi,

    by att Eich. Uyghur women

    working in a garment shop in

    Kashgar, by Carolyn Drake.