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  • 1. Basic Level English Course October 16 th , 2010 Count & Non-Count Nouns


  • To learn about count and non-count nouns in the context of multicultural food and recipes
  • Aprender acerca de sustantivos contables y no contables en el contexto de comidas y recetas multi-culturales


  • Count Nouns
    • Singular:
      • Im eating an orange
      • That orange looks delicious
    • Plural:
      • I like oranges
      • Oranges are my favorite fruit
  • Non-Count Nouns
    • Always Singular:
      • The cheese is on the table
      • Broccoli is good for you
      • Shrimp tastes awful
      • Pork is my favorite meat

4. Richards, Jack C. 1994Interchange Intro. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.Examples of Count and Non-Count Nouns (Foods) Count Nouns Non-Count Nouns Apples ShrimpBananas Salmon Oranges Chicken Mangoes Beef Strawberries Lamb Carrots Yogurt Beans MilkPotatoes Cheese Green Beans Butter Peppers Rice EggsPasta Tomatoes Bread Noodles Broccoli 5.

  • SOME and ANY are used with Count-Nouns and Non-Count Nouns
  • SOME (Affirmative Sentences):
    • Add some mayonnaise to your sandwich
    • Cut some tomatoes and put them on top
  • ANY (Negative Sentences & Questions):
    • We dont need any mozzarella cheese
    • Do you want any cheese in your sandwich?


  • CombiningAdverbs of SequencewithImperatives :
    • First, poursome water in a pot.
    • Next, boilthe water.
    • Then, Putan egg in the water for 10 minutes.
    • After that,takethe egg out of the water andmake sure topeel it.
    • Finally, addsome salt to the egg andenjoyit!!!

Vocabulary : Pour = ponga (lquido) Pot = Cacerola Boil = hierva Put = Ponga (solido) Take (something) out of = Sacar (algo) fuera de Peel = Plelo Add = Aumente Salt = Sal Enjoy it = Disfrtelo Make sure to / be sure to = asegrese de 7.

  • Basic AmazonianTacacho : Ingredients and Recipe
  • TacachoBsico Amaznico: Ingredientes y Receta

Fred: Hey Inspector, Do you want to learn how to make an Amazonian Tacacho ? Inspector Gadget: Sure! Fred: Okay. These are the Ingredients: You need some green bananas, salt,and fried pork chops. Inspector Gadget: How do you make it? Fred: AlrightFirst, you fry the bananas and the pork chops. Next, you mash the bananas and the pork chops with a mortar and pestle. After that, make sure to use your hands to mash the mix some more, and make it into round balls. Finally, serve it and enjoy it. Butmake sure to eat it with your hands. inspector Gadget: Thanks! It really sounds yummy! Vocabulary : Fried pork chops = chicharrones How do you make it? = Cmo lo haces? Mash = aplastar Mortar and pestle = mortero The mix = la mezcla Some more = un poco ms Round balls = pelotitas Yummy = delicioso 8.

  • Discuss the ingredients and recipe of a traditional food:/
  • Conversen de los ingredientes y la receta de una comida tradicional:

You: Hey, Do you want to learn how to makePizza ? Your friend: Sure, how do you make it? You: Ok. First you need some