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eGo Creative Media Solutions is the team of experts in cross platform mobile applications building with XAMARIN. We've fell in love in early 2012 shortly after its coming out and built multiple successful apps. We're oriented on providing the SOLUTION that best fits our clients needs.


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eGo Creative Media Solutions

Xamarina little bit of everything

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Idea in 2000

Release in 2004

in 2011 profit!!!

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➔ All the power of. Net on any other platform *

➔ All** benefit of c#

➔ Code portability

*on any supported platform

**absolutely all

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How does it work?

Who knows :)

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Xamarin.iOS vs Xamarin.Android

➔ Ahead-of-Time (AOT) compilation in iOS. The program code must be pre-compiled into machine. For this purpose, AOT compiler Mono is used.

➔ Just-in-Time compilation in Android. Code is compiled into some intermediate byte code that is interpreted in CPU instructions at the time of program execution

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Xamarin.Android Work

➔ Virtual machine Mono is added to the packaged application

➔ Mono and Dalvik are written on C and are running under the Linux kernel

➔ When starting Android application, both virtual machines start running side by side and they are exchanging data via a special wrapper`s mechanism.

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LINPACK performance comparison


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What to do with native code?


Java Bindings LibraryJava Native InterfaceCode porting

iOS binding projectObjective Sharpie

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PCL – cross-platform base

➔ PCL code can run on any platform

➔ A small functional

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➔ MVVM template for Xamarin projects

➔ IoC/DI from the box

➔ Wide default functional

➔ Easy to expansion

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