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    EEK! Monsters Activities & Resources for K-5 !

  • People adore monsters. They fill their songs and stories with them. They define themselves

    in relation to them. - Jim Butcher, Ghost Story

  • Magic






    Engaging reading material




  • iPad/Android/Web

  • Create a monster character & story

  • Monster Adjectives Mind Map


  • Character Texts

    Students can upload their pics or choose from a variety of characters & backgrounds or draw on the pages Can narrate with text & audio Embeddable



  • BookCreator iOS/ Android App

    Easiest way to create multimedia books & publish to iBook store Include audio, music, videos, images

  • Puppet Pals HD iOS App

  • Lets Learn How to Draw App

  • Animate spooky



  • Character Texts


    YakIt for Kids IOS App

  • Explain Everything & Educreations iOS/Web app

  • Activity: Draw My Monster

    All students draw a monster but dont show the drawing Pair students Student A describes the monster for student B to draw

    Vocabulary: Numbers, parts of the body

  • Create a monster planet

    Kids use Playdoh, Borax, recycled material, etc. to create a home for their monsters They describe or write about the planet What special features does the monster have to live on this planet?

  • Monster Exchange Project

  • The Monster Global Project

  • Create a script for a Domo Kun Video

  • for adding Youtube annotations


    Create a Virtual Monster

  • Photo by Davynin,

    As astronauts and space travelers children puzzle

    over the future; as dinosaurs and princesses

    they unearth the past as monsters and gremlins they make sense of the unreal.

    - Gretchen Owocki

    Make costumes!

  • Trick or treat safety tips video or poster

  • Monster finger plays!

  • Horror Fingers IOS App

  • Play monster games!

    Photo by Blakespot,

  • Monster, How Are You? Students stand in a line All chant, Mr. Monster, Mr. Monster, how are you? The puppet answers, I am if he says hungry they all run.

  • Math Vs Zombies IOS K-5


  • Get your copy of Learning to Go!