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Minnetrista Educator's Guide 2015 Educator's Planning Guide 2015-2016


<ul><li><p>Call to make a reservation at 1200 n. minnetrista pkwy. muncie, in 47303 </p><p>INSIDE YOULL FINDnew school tours!new Stormwater Management Education Experience</p><p>e d u c a t o r s p l a n n i n g g u i d e </p><p>2 015 2 016</p></li><li><p>at-a-glance informationMessage from the Director of Experience &amp; Education Plan YOUR Minnetrista Adventure </p><p>stormwater management education package NEW!48 Grade Teacher Professional Development Do You Know H2O School TourOnsite Classroom ExperiencePurityMinnetrista Theatre Preserves </p><p>school toursPre-School (60 minutes each) Johnny Appleseed SeptemberNovember Amazing Me!; Discover: Gardens SeptemberJune; Mid-AprilJune K2 Grade (90 minutes each)Johnny Appleseed SeptemberNovember Creepy Crawlies SeptemberNovember; Mid-AprilJune Eat Well, Play Well SeptemberJune Garden Science Mid-AprilJune Habitat Hunters SeptemberNovember; Mid-AprilJune Community Work Year Round NEW</p><p>35 Grade (90 minutes each)Community Growth SeptemberJune NEWNature Connections SeptemberNovember; Mid-AprilJune </p><p>68 Grade (90 minutes each)Earth Matters; Energy Exploration SeptemberNovember; AprilJune </p><p>minnetrista theatre preserves showsJills Giant Adventure SeptemberJune NEW Habitat-tat-tat SeptemberJune My Plate: The Musical SeptemberJuneTales From the Mouth of a Ball Jar SeptemberJune Bounty; Working Mans Responsibility; Purity NEW </p><p>exhibit datesArt Maker Space March 21September 27, 2015Flags of Honor September 411Human Plus September 26, 2015January 3, 2016Indiana Artists Club October 8November 29, 2015Open Space: Art About the Land September 19October 18, 2015Ned Griner Art Retrospective October 31, 2015January 17, 2016 Minnetrista Annual Juried Art Show and Sale February 13April 24, 2016Wizard of Oz May 9September 23, 2016 </p><p>23</p><p>678</p><p>Page</p><p>5</p><p>9101112131415</p><p>1617 18</p><p>1920 </p><p>2123 242526</p></li><li><p>call 765.287.3558 to book your adventure! 2</p><p>PageThink back to your first museum memory. Was it a field trip? A family vacation? Historic house, art museum, aquarium? What made that visit memorable? What made it valuable to you? </p><p>Those are the questions that we continue to work through as museum educators. Over the last twenty five years Minnetrista has been a partner in the education of our communitys children and their families. In that time, we have sharpened the way we do things, and become better at articulating the value of a museum experience. Perhaps more importantly, we have developed our offerings to be memorable. </p><p>A Minnetrista experience includes authentic objects and settings. We value the power of the real. Our experiences are shaped by your voice, participation, and personal experience. We value the power of relevancy. </p><p>We have made some changes in our 20152016 programming to better align our offerings with the mission and methods of Minnetrista. Through these changes, we have crafted our experiences to be more real, more relevant, and more memorable. </p><p>Thank you for choosing to partner with us in bringing these experiences to your students. For some, Minnetrista will be their first museum memory.</p><p>George BussDirector of Experience and Education</p></li><li><p>pick a tour experience!full-day experience$6 per personChoose two guided tours OR one tour and one theatrical performance(If substituting second tour with theatre show, tour cost is $4/person with an additional $150 performance fee)Add ons:Lunch spacemust be reservedGuided time in Minnetrista exhibit galleries; $1 per studentTrip to The Orchard Shop at Minnetrista</p><p>half-day experience$4 per personChoose one guided tourAdd Ons: Lunch spacemust be reserved Guided time in Minnetrista exhibit galleries, $1 per student</p><p>cost per studentCost is per student and adult chaperone. A minimum of ten paid admissions is required for all tours. Teachers are admitted at no charge.Please note: There must be a minimum of one adult for every ten students.</p><p>attention delaware countyWe have field trip scholarships available for schools when the number of students participating in the free/reduced lunch program is 50% or higher. Ask about this opportunity when you call to book your next field trip.</p><p>minnetrista theatre preservesWhen you book a full-day experience, you can substitute a 45 minute live theatre show by Minnetrista Theatre Preserves for one of your tours. Each show is followed by a question and answer session with the actors and a guided activity. You can also bring Minnetrista Theatre Preserves to your school as a pre- or post-visit experience to further your students learning! See page 21 for details.</p><p>lunch at minnetristaVisitors may bring sack lunches. Youre invited to use the Cantina or enjoy a picnic on the grounds. These spaces must be reserved beforehand, so please mention lunch requirements when booking your visit.</p><p>visit the orchard shop at minnetristaStudents can shop and bring home a memento of their Minnetrista experience! Please let us know if you would like your class to have this experience. </p><p>photography at minnetristaMinnetrista is a great place to capture memories. Bring a camera to capture your students learning and having fun. Minnetrista reserves the right to photograph school tours. If for any reason there is a concern with this policy, please inform us when you schedule your tour.</p><p>3</p></li><li><p>how to plan your minnetrista experiencePlease gather the following information and call 765.287.3558 to schedule your tour. Please call at least two weeks prior to your desired tour date to ensure availability. </p><p>4call 765.287.3558 to book your adventure!</p><p>Your NameSchool NameSchool DistrictCountySchool PhoneCell PhoneBest time to call you E-mailGrade/Age LevelProgram(s) of Interest:</p><p>Full-Day Tour Half-Day TourTour 1Tour 2 or Theatre Show </p><p>Three Possible Tour Dates (to ensure booking if first or second date is already taken)</p><p>Time Requested Anticipated Number of ChaperonesLunch Plans</p><p>Please advise us of any special needs that your group may have</p><p>Would you like to book a Minnetrista Theatre Preserves show at your school?</p></li><li><p>stormwater management education experience NEWProject Supported by a 3M Eco Grant</p><p>In partnership with Muncie Sanitary District Minnetrista partners with local experts to offer a unique ecology education package for 4-8th grade students and teachers. The experience consists of three parts, starting with a Teacher Professional Development experience in the fall, a class visit to Minnetrista in the spring, followed by a visit to your school by stormwater educators. This program will equip you with the tools you and your students need to identify and advocate for the ecology needs within your own school environment. Best of all, the program is offered at a minimal cost to schools thanks to a grant from 3M Eco Grant from 3M Gives. Spaces are limited, so book now to reserve your space. </p><p>5 2015-2016 educators planning guide</p><p>What will my students do? Use models to explore how our actions impact our </p><p>water systems Investigate chemical and mineral properties of a pond </p><p>to determine its health Experiment with stormwater management techniques Develop advocacy and problem solving skills</p><p>What will my students learn? Water is an important natural resource Use and examine models that help us understand </p><p>how things work A healthy water system requires many different </p><p>properties to function efficiently I can impact my environment</p><p>Teacher Professional Development October 23rd 9 a.m.2 p.m. This 5 hour workshop will develop advocacy and leadership skills while equipping teachers with tools they need to effectively teach ecology issues on a local level including best practices in stormwater education. Participants will recieve an H2O educators bag of tools, lesson plans for a stormwater related unit, and 4 hours of Professional Growth Experience Points. Substitute pay available upon request. Cost: Free for package participants</p><p>Do You Know H2O? NEW SCHOOL TOUR FOR SPRING 2016 Explore one of earths most precious natural resources: water. Students will experiment with best management practices for stormwater while learning about the importance and scarcity of non-renewable resources. Cost: $2 per student for full package participants; $4 per student stand-alone experience.</p><p>Minnetrista Theatre Preserves performance of Purity This 20 minute performance includes actor/educator led pre- and post-performance discussions and activities. Can be part of your Minnetrista on-site experience or a stand-alone experience. See page 26 for more details. Cost: Free for package participants; $150 per performance stand-alone. </p><p>On Site Classroom Experience available Spring 2016Time to put what has been learned into practice. Building off of the knowledge gained, students will be taken on a tour of their own school to identify stormwater management needs and develop their own plans for management. Cost: Free for package participants. Not available as a stand-alone.</p></li><li><p>6 2014-2015 educators planning guide</p><p>plan yourPre-school tour</p><p>6</p></li><li><p>Orchard Shop Courtyard</p><p>johnny appleseedSeptemberNovemberPre-School </p><p>Johnny Appleseed knew that tiny seeds had great potential. On this tour, students will learn that although small in size, an apple seed has the potential to grow into a magnificent tree. Each seed and apple holds great possibility to become many different things. </p><p>What will my students do? Meet Johnny Appleseed in person See a modern cider press; use a hand-crank press to </p><p>make cider, then taste-test the results Use their five senses to learn about different apples </p><p>and the trees they grow on Receive an apple to take home*</p><p>What will my students learn? Understand that Johnny Appleseed was a real figure </p><p>in history Use their five senses to determine differences in </p><p>both trees and apples Examine and understand how machines have </p><p>changed over time Understand that a tree and the fruit that grows on it </p><p>is a living thing*While supplies last.</p><p>call 765.287.3558 to book your adventure!7</p></li><li><p>amazing me!SeptemberJunePre-School </p><p>What will my students do? Meet traveling circus performer Sam Still who is </p><p>having difficulty balancing his act Play a matching game to understand which foods </p><p>fit into which categories from My Plate Choose physical activities that help us create a </p><p>balance with the foods that we choose to eat</p><p>What will my students learn? They can make healthy choices for themselves Balancing their food and activities is important Physical activities are various and can be super </p><p>FUN! Foods and categories</p><p>Who doesnt love the circus? Enjoy a one-man circus show as Sam Still struggles through his balancing act because of an unbalanced lifestyle. Students will enjoy games and activities that will empower them to balance their own routines.</p><p>Minnetrista is pleased to </p><p>provide programming in </p><p>support of Americas Move </p><p>to Raise A Healthier Generation of Kids.</p><p>discover: gardensMid-AprilJunePre-School </p><p>Minnetristas beautiful gardens and grounds are great for exploration! Students will use their five senses to discover the natural diversity of plants and insects and their importance to our lives. Your class will be active and have fun while learning about Indiana native insects and plants. </p><p>What will my students do? Stroll through Minnetrista gardens and play a game </p><p>of eye spy Plant a seed to take home Taste food that no longer looks like the plants they </p><p>are made from Search for bugs within nature</p><p>What will my students learn? Realize that even plants have much diversity. Plants are an important part of our lives Plants are living things that need soil, water, and </p><p>sunlight to grow and stay alive Exploration of nature can be fun</p><p>Colonnade GardenBird and Butterfly </p><p>Garden Waterfall</p><p>2015-2016 educators planning guide 8</p></li><li><p>plan yourk-2nd Grade Tour</p><p>9</p></li><li><p>johnny appleseed seasonSeptemberNovemberGrades K2</p><p>Goes great with: Creepy Crawlies My Plate: The Musical </p><p>Johnny Appleseeds stories and antics will captivate your class. Your students will not only discover why apples are an important part of the Ball family and Minnetrista history, but why theyre important to people.</p><p>10call 765.287.3558 to book your adventure!</p><p>What will my students do? Meet Johnny Appleseed in person Compare Minnetristas old growth apple trees to </p><p>those from the younger apple orchard See a modern cider press; use a hand-crank press. </p><p>to make cider, then taste test the results Explore the life cycle of an apple</p><p>What will my students learn? Realize that small things have great potential Understand that Johnny Appleseed (actually John </p><p>Chapman) was a real figure in history Use their five senses to determine differences in </p><p>both trees and apples Examine and understand how machines have </p><p>changed over time and have impacted how we get the goods we need and want</p><p> Understand that a tree and the fruit that grows on it is a living thing with many parts</p></li><li><p>creepy crawliesSeptemberNovember; Mid-AprilJune Grades K2</p><p>Goes great with: Habitat Hunters, Garden Science Habitat-tat-tat </p><p>Kids are often afraid of spiders, touchy about insects, and cringe at things that crawl. This program will bring your students up close and personal with the amazing and important world of natures most prominent, yet misunderstood animal populations. </p><p>What will my students do? Search for live creepy crawlies in our garden spaces Identify the differences between insects, arachnids, </p><p>and other crawlies with our model crawly collection Buzz around from flower to flower while playing the </p><p>pollination game See real preserved specimens in metamorphosis </p><p>stages and run in the metamorphosis relay Identify how insect communication and senses are </p><p>different from our own</p><p>What will my students do? Students will understand that not all creepy crawlies </p><p>are the same Identify anatomical differences Examining models can help us to better understand </p><p>creatures Students will discover the life cycle differences of </p><p>various crawlies Identify basic characteristics used for scientific </p><p>classification Follow instructions in the correct order to assemble an </p><p>end product Identify the role that creepy crawlies can play in our </p><p>lives and ecosystems</p><p>2015-2016 educators planning guide11 </p></li><li><p>13</p><p>eat well, play well SeptemberJune Grades K2</p><p>Goes great with: Johnny Appleseed My Plate: The Musical</p><p>Good-bye food pyramid, hello My Plate! Your class will have fun playing healthy choice games and learning that diet and daily decisions play a large role in their health and safety. Hands-on activities will help your students discover ways to balance food and activity for a healthier lifestyle. </p><p>What will my students do? Enjoy a live theatre performance emphasizing </p><p>balance and healthy choices Play a game in which students classify foods into </p><p>proper categories using the My Plate model Explore one aspectsugarof some of our </p><p>favorite snacks Choose physical activities that can help to balance </p><p>food intake with energy burning</p><p>What will my students do? We can make choices that will help our bodies stay </p><p>healthy The My Plate diagram is...</p></li></ul>