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See how top loan officers are using EDGE to deliver exceptional advice & service to borrowers and Realtors


  • 1. case studies
    See how top loan officers are using EDGE to deliver exceptional advice & service to borrowers and Realtors

2. The most common strategies loan officer come across in todays marketplace
Points vs. No Points (42%)
FHA vs. Conventional Loan (38%)
Current vs. RefiLoan (26%)
30yr vs. 15yr Loan (10%)
30yr vs. 7yr vs. 5 yr Loan (10%)
3. Great email delivering one of the most common strategies in todays marketplace
STRATEGY > Purchase: FHA vs. 30yr Conventional Loan
4. experience
STRATEGY> Your payment and cash needed for FHA vs. Conventional 30 year fixed purchase loan
By Tim Singleton > https://edge.mortgagecoach.com/report/edgereport.html#27442-0-0-26397
5. Great email from the client providing feedback on the quality and value of the EDGE VIDEO
It gave your presentation a personal touch, which is difficult to match via standard email.Additionally, listening to a 3 minute video is much easier as compared to reading a lengthy email
6. experience
STRATEGY> Open House Flier for a Realtor
By Chris Chambers >https://edge.mortgagecoach.com/report/edgereport.html#32863-1-3-31457
7. experience
Great email delivering an Open House Flier to a Realtor partner
8. experience
STRATEGY> Annual Review: Current vs. REFI
By Chris Chambers >https://edge.mortgagecoach.com/report/edgereport.html#32789-0-0-31394
9. experience
Great email delivering a great Annual Review with EDGE
10. Great feedback from a Realtor about the value of an EDGE VIDEO
I love it!!!! Fantastic you are ahead of the curve!!! And awesome! Great tool to send to my clientsis it easy to change the price
11. Solid email sharing an EDGE VIDEO
12. Great feedback from a Realtor after watching an EDGE VIDEO
13. experience
STRATEGY> Great video helping a Realtor sell a home faster by making qualifying easy for this listing
By Bill Marr> https://edge.mortgagecoach.com/report/edgereport.html#27696-1-1-26638
14. powers the perfect
presentation & makes it easy to share
Perfect Presentation
Easy to Share
15. Everyone homeowner deserves an
16. Everyone loan officer deserves an