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"Ebook UX: Bringing User Experience Design into the Picture" - Anne Kostick (Foxpath IND) at ebookcraft 2014, presented by BookNet Canada and eBOUND Canada - March 5, 2014.


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ebook UXBringing User Experience Knowledge Into the Picture

ebookcraftTorontoMarch 5, 2014

Foxpath IND :: Anne Kostick1

What Is UX?Research and design aimed at making the users experience of a product, process or service better.

UXK= UX Knowledge

3A Fast UX HistoryUX: User experienceUXD: User experience designExperience designUser researchUsability UI: User Interface designInteraction designHuman factorsErgonomicsHCI: Human computer interaction

4The Machine Age

Human Factors

Complexity can be dangerousPeople come first.Don Norman

7Uxers from EverywhereSocial SciencePsychology, Anthropology, SociologyDesignIndustrial, Interactive, GraphicEngineeringSoftware dev, MechanicalDevelopmentProduct dev, Editorial devProductionProduct management, Project management

UX in PublishingDiscoverybuying, browsing

Device using, managing

Reading start to finish; searching, finding, saving, markingA Fast History of the BookCodex established between 100 300 CE

Movable type 1455 (Germany) 1377 (Korea)

Illustrations 1461 (Germany)

InnovationsTable of contents [c 100]Spaces between words [c 700]Margins [1400s]Bookmarks [c 1590]Pagination [c 1590]Indexes [1600s]Footnotes [1600s]Color inkTable of illustrationsCard pageAppendixThumb tabsEdge colorSpine printing

Book = Object

1870201311Enter DigitalDigital removes the object so well developed over 1500 years of use.

Theres no there there

Digital undermines the behaviors and processes readers know.

DIGRESSION: Rename the Book! the codex, the format, the object

the intellectual property; the meaning of the text, behind the letters on the page

Then theres the experience

Book Design / UX DesignBook design takes existing graphic elements to create the known page/volume, visually. Use is understood.

UX design uses graphic elements, among other elements, to create the reading experience.

The UX Cycle UX Tool Kit (partial)ObservationSurvey/QuestionnaireComparative AssessmentBug List/Wish ListIdeationMental ModelsDrawing/SketchingWorkshop/Brainstorm sessionsPrototypingPaperFilesTemplatesSpecial E-book KitResearch and testingNot YouNot your work colleagues, eitherDesign and IdeatingUse your customers strengths, i.e., verbal skewUse your products strengths, i.e., each book is unique.Protyping and IteratingPaper is perfect!Files are flexible!

RULE OF 5Five research subjects in a study will yield 85% of the information you need for UX design.


User ResearchAsk Questions

He just got tired of his Kindle.After a day at the office, staring at a screen seemed too much like work.I kept losing my place. If I wanted to remind myself about a character, I couldnt go back.I missed the feel of a book.

ObservationSet up a task and a goal

Ask subject for feedback afterward

SubjectObserversGather InformationComparative Assessmentexamine features of other productsBug Listwhat things do users dislike?Wish Listwhat do they wish the product could do for them?

Observers notesIdeate

Prototype and Test

Parts of a Book

Ideas from Everywhere

Dimensional Navigation?My Library

Dimensional Location?Findings: What Do Readers Want?FlowSerendipityTransparencySimplicityOrientation in space

Betterment!Use UXK

Change goggles

Iterate often

Use e-books advantages

Join the evolution of digital reading

For recommended reading and online resources, email me: anne@foxpath.com