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Easy Do It Yourself Crafts Creativity and Imagination

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This are some of the do it yourself hand works that can be very useful in your home.https://filestubealternative.wordpress.com/ - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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Easy Do It Yourself Crafts

Creativity and Imagination

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Do it yourself can be fun and elegant, adding some

imagination and ingenuity you home can beautify without costing more.

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Trash that can be used in many things, simple or

elegant, inside and outside your home. Here are some of the easy do

it yourself tips:

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Dishwasher Soap PowderTired of those dishwasher detergent that mainly cost a lot not

cleaning anything? Try this home made recipe, all you need are Borax, super washing soda, citric acid (for fragrance smell), Epson salt and Lemi Shrine rinse aid. Just mix these ingredients and there

you go, instant detergent dishwasher.

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Floating Book ShelvesBooks scattered everywhere and when you need them nowhere to be found. Here is a good solution and a fancy one all you need is this an book (one not using), L bracket, cutter, some wood screw, ruler, glue and something heavy. First, measure the L bracket and when measured open the book (the end or beginning side) and then cut a size similar to the L bracket. Now, use the wood screw to make sure the L bracket and the pages stay in place. Glue the books cover to look. Then put something heavy on top of the book and let the glue dries. Last screw the book with the L bracket on your wall and its finish.

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Nail ArtGirls want to be fashionable even in their nails. Heres a simple way of making fashionable nails. All you need are two kinds of color nail polish and a small sponge. Put the 2 nails polish in a clean surface (put beside each other) touching each other. Using something small or a toothpick to mix the sides where they meet and using the sponge gently dab it in the nail polish and then to your nail. Clean excess nail polish in your finger and its done.

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Balloon Cell phone ProtectorThis is not as fancy as the other case but it sure is handy and helpful, don’t mention the cost. Inflate the balloon (regular size is enough) then put the cellphone in the side of the balloon and gently deflate the balloon gently pushing down the cellphone. There you have it easy protector or case, wet proof and costing almost nothing.

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Easy Stamping

Using a okra you can make beautiful stamps. It is easy just cut the okra carefully and gently and gently dab it in the ink and then dab it in your notebook or and paper you have. Easy and healthy. Easy DIY design.

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Do It Yourself craft can be entertaining and enjoyable, with a little imagination you can customize your home like a celebrity. This DIY

making can be more enjoyable with friends.

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Thank you for watching my little presentation and I hope

you can use it in your everyday living. You can watch more Do It Yourself videos in

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